Travel Agency World View Travels offers Free Travel to Social Media Influencers

Travel Agency World View Travels offers Free Travel to Social Media Influencers

Charlotte, NC – Apr 29, 2019 – World Views Travels travel agency has created a way for social media influencers to travel for free by using their platforms to sell their travel packages. Simply put, influencers promote the upcoming travel trip saying they are going to a select destination, and their followers purchase the travel through a customized link. Through this link, World Views Travels handles all the questions and transactions.

The agency first did this with YouTube star Phillip Scott of the Advise Media Network and sold out a 5-star tour to Kenya in October 2019 from 25 of the million plus who follow the YouTuber. Influencers can build a custom package themselves and save money on paying for their own travel as well as their entourage, which includes the videographer and the producer.

The duo behind World Views are two female veterans and serial business owners Kea and Tiffany Simmons. Having traveled and lived in various countries from Pakistan to Kenya, they have over 50 countries under their belts. The goals of the company are to expose Americans to the beauty of travel and educate the majority of Americans who have never traveled abroad that it is safe, fun, and educational. 

World View Travels is not just another travel agency. They do their own recon of every trip, making it a 100% unique experience. The company prides itself on being educational, fun and full of adventure. The agency has a satellite office in Kenya and works with local guides in every country they visit, so that language is never a problem. They also keep costs down, eliminating the markups many tourist fall victim up.

“Traditionally travel agencies are all bland, still using fax and snail mail. We are using our experience in the military and digital arena to book trips faster and more efficiently,” says the company’s co-owner Kea Simmons.

“We’ve noticed a boost of confidence in our travelers once they come back,” adds Tiffany Simmons.

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