Creating Inspirational Leaders through NLP, Coaching & Mentoring by Dr. Anil Sureen

Creating Inspirational Leaders through NLP, Coaching & Mentoring by Dr. Anil Sureen
Join internationally endorsed leadership training and explore emerging NLP leadership trends.

Dubai, UAE Dr. Anil is ICF-PCC certified life coach in Dubai, provides NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) training, ICF-ACC life coach certification, leadership coaching, executive coaching, life-coaching, and advanced Hogan assessments.

Apart from being a trainer, coach and mentor in Dubai, Dr. Anil Sureen is a highly successful serial entrepreneur, with companies, brands, and interests, all around the world. He is one of the well-known speaker in the world, alongside being regarded as the best life coach, features frequently in news, television, radio and print, as well as being a popular media and TV personality.

The most important aspects of his life, according to Dr. Anil himself, are his philanthropic endeavors with the youth, which assist them in making their lives healthier, wealthier, passionate, purposeful and more fulfilling. His one-to-one life coaching sessions, NLP seminars, trainings, leadership mentoring will help to bridge the gap between where a person is, and where he wants to be.

As a Physician and General Practitioner, he has more than twenty-year experience, is skilled at healthcare consulting, business planning, operations and management, and effective team building. Treating a number of patients with various chronic diseases, led him to believe that actual treatment lies in making people aware of what they are, and how they can change and adapt, be successful and stress-free, and finally, disease free.

He started this institute in UAE, Indian and Romania with the aim to empower individuals with a knowledge of their own values and strengths, so that they can modify their personal, professional lives, and be successful.

So far, Dr. Anil has conducted 42 training events, under his guidance and mentoring, more than 81 leaders and 223 students have been trained.

Dr. Anil Coaching Institute provides a wide range of training and mentoring services that include how to develop the three, most needed critical and high-leveraging skills:


  • Learning to get messages across to people who are very different to you, with ease.
  • Provision of a structured ‘DOs and DON’Ts’ for meaningful conversations.
  • Leading people towards a win-win situation, by knowing how to draw out quality information from them.
  • How to convey your ideas effectively and clearly.


  • Gaining deeper self-knowledge, leading to more clarity of values and beliefs, and important things in life.
  • Determining priorities, where to spend time and invest energy.
  • Aligning mental, physical, emotional and spiritual intelligence, to achieve greater confidence, authenticity and personal power.


  • Learning the skills required to produce desired results with teams and clients, and bringing out their best.
  • Helping teams to be accountable for their own actions, become aware of their strengths and weaknesses so that they are able to change and improve, independently.

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