Enhance Building Safety By Installing Commercial Fire Rated Doors

Enhance Building Safety By Installing Commercial Fire Rated Doors

Commercial fire rated doors are necessities in your facility. You should look at where they can be used, how they can secure the building, and you can keep your staff safe at the same time. You can view site here just to see what your options are, and you can consider putting these doors on the exterior of the building, on the interior, and in places where you have the biggest fire risk. 

1. What Are Commercial Fire Rated Doors?

You could look through the catalog of a company like Industrial Door Company, for example, that has doors that will suit any situation. Your company could buy nothing but exterior doors that are the same size as a regular door. You could get cargo doors that are rated for fire control, and you could get doors for the interior that will protect you. The fire rated doors that you install around your facility should be chosen based on the fire risk, how much they cost, and how easy they are to install.

2. Where To Put The Doors

The doors could be used on the exterior of your facility because they are extremely heavy. No one could break through these doors because the doors are made from reinforced steel. You could put the doors on the interior to prevent the spread of fire, and you could even have a massive door installed that will separate your most dangerous machine from the rest of the building. The fire door will hold back the fire, and you can be sure that the door will not come down no matter how much pressure is applied.

3. How Are The Doors Installed?

The doors are installed by a team of people who will remove your old door, install the new door, and test the closure on that door. You are given a heavy-duty lock for the door, and a new latch is installed to make sure that the door will not open. The hinges are installed such that they cannot be removed with normal tools, and you must be sure that you have asked the company about how to maintain the doors going forward. 

4. Door Maintenance

Door maintenance is just as important as buying the doors you need. You must look at a site like https://www.industrialdoorcompany.com/ to learn about door maintenance packages. You could have the doors adjusted and serviced at least once a year because you are going in and out of these doors all the time. Small repairs to the doors now will prevent major repairs and expenses in the future.

5. Conclusion

The doors that you have purchased should be chosen to benefit your facility, increase security, and help save parts of the facility from a spreading fire. These doors are very heavy, and they are best used on the exterior of your building. You could have the doors installed on the interior of the building, and you will find that the doors can withstand extreme amounts of pressure.

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