Internationally recognized Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) leading the way in innovative carbon footprint reduction and environmental services

Internationally recognized Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) leading the way in innovative carbon footprint reduction and environmental services

Environmental specialist company Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST), a leader in their industry is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of its clients through innovative and cutting edge approaches that leverage technology and creative solutions to deliver superior results.

From Humble Beginnings to Market Leader 

Founded in 1993, RST Solutions first incorporated as “Reynolds Soil Technologies Pty Ltd”. Based out of Sydney, Australia, their initial offerings included the supply of RT12 Soil Stabiliser to local Councils for the treatment of unsealed roads.

Expanding its offerings over the years, RST won major contracts with mining conglomerates, a move that would serve as the catalyst for new product and service development and expansion.

The next decade would bring continued success with the addition of:

  • RT9 Water Extender and Haul road dust suppressant / Water conservation efforts
  • Aveneger haul road dust suppressant
  • Export operations including soil stabilization, erosion and dust control products
  • Global expansion and service capabilities in all major overseas regions.

An Industry Leader

With over three decades of experience, RST has worked hard to develop a reputation of providing excellent service, superior results and getting the job done effectively, on time and on budget.

Solidifying their position as a forward-thinking leader in the industry, RST has been the honoured winner of numerous awards including but not limited to:

  • Gold Coast Business Excellence Award, Environmental Management and Sustainability, 2012 and 2013
  • Gold Coast Business Excellence Award, Environmental Management, 2011
  • Gold Coast Business Excellence Award, Manufacturing & Construction, 2010
  • Finalist: Australian Mining Prospect Awards, Excellence in Environmental Management., 2010
  • Other Industry Awards

Specialists in Dust Control, Erosion Control and Sediment Control

RST Technologies services available globally include:

Dust Control: Innovative and effective dust suppression and control equipment including modelling and dust monitoring.

Road and Soil Stabilisation: Aimed at improving tactile strength, reducing permeability and lowering material costs to keep budgets in check.

Water Management and Sediment Treatment: Clarify turbid ‘dirty’ water with ease. Our efficient sediment treatment solutions prevent sediment movement into water, and can quickly improve already impacted flows.

Erosion Control: Erosion can cause serious problems for both businesses and the environment. Our solutions can prevent and reduce soil erosion, weather erosion and manage erosion deposition.

Agriculture and Specialty: Specialized products and services available for gardens, agriculture/farming, vineyards, sports arenas and mechanical and water runoff.

What RST Can do for Their Clients

What RST can do for their Clients:

  • 360-degree solutions for moisture and fine particle control
  • The development of custom products, systems and equipment
  • Enhancing productivity, improving safety and reducing expenses for clients
  • Implementation and management of systems and programs for clients
  • Performance and result monitoring, including independent evaluation and testing

RST’s Evolving Range of Services

As a forward-thinking leader in the industry, RST is always seeking out new and innovative solutions to help their clients hit KPIs and enhance performance parameters.

A few of RST’s ‘Generation 2’ Solutions include:

  • Avenger Coal and Avenger Hard Rock – haul road dust suppressants for mining ops
  • Heavy Water Dynamic – civil, construction and quarry haul road dust suppressant
  • Titan – liquid polymer road stabiliser for the civil and mining sector
  • RT4 and RT5 Superskin – crusting agents for rail wagon veneering, stockpile and exposed ground applications
  • Total Ground Control Plus – Dust Suppressant, erosion control and crusting agent with green dye
  • Zero – waterless dust suppressant for all trafficked ground
  • RT20 Dynamic – Liquid soil stabiliser and road compaction aid
  • Sedibind – sediment and erosion control
  • Flockit Liquid Concentrate – water sediment treatment
  • Liquid Damseal – sealing for dam walls and floors

Contact RST to Learn More

RST can be reached via their website or by way of the media contact information below.

Media Contact
Company Name: RST Solutions
Contact Person: Lisa Van Drunen
Email: Send Email
Phone: 61 7 5522 0244
Address:14 Greg Chappell Drive Burleigh Heads
City: Queensland 4220
State: Gold Coast
Country: Australia