James \”Jay\” Averitt of Raleigh Announces a New Website for His Technology and Business Consulting

James “Jay” Averitt is launching a new website that will discuss issues about the city of Raleigh, technology, and business world. James is an accomplished man who has spent the last two decades working with top law firms.

He’s now working as a consultant, to help new and existing businesses in the technology business have a better edge. He will be bringing many years of experience in law, business, and technology on the table, which will have a positive impact on businesses.

To learn more about him, please visit www.jamesaveritt.com

James “Jay” Averitt of Raleigh has lived a wonderful and interesting life, especially in the technology world. James lives in Raleigh, NC. He obtained his B.S in Management Information Systems from Auburn University.

After graduation, he spent a couple of years in the tech industry, which afforded him the opportunity to learn and grew among the people that are responsible for today’s cutting-edge technology. Then, he left the technology world and went on to attend law school. He obtained his JD from the University of Alabama and worked as a technology attorney for over a decade.

James “Jay” Averitt has worked in several top 100 law firm e.g. Kirkpatrick Townsend, and leading technology companies like SAP, Lenovo, and SAS. He brings nearly two decades of experience to help others achieve success in their careers and enterprises.

He will be using his website to discuss important issues about Raleigh and how people can work together to make it a more successful city. James will also be sharing his experience by discussing issues about technology and business. As a consultant, he will help guide new businesses so they can become successful in their endeavor.

New and emerging businesses will also benefit from his immense wealth of experience as they step into the market. The world of technology and businesses is though, so having someone who has been there for decades will go a long way in helping new businesses make the right decisions. James will also be helping existing companies to resolve critical business issues, focus on core business functions, improve productivity, and save money and time.

For more information, please contact 919.375.8419, jayaveritt@gmail.com, or visit www.jamesaveritt.com.

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