The Language School Partners with Hector Salazar of 1150 AM to Bring Live English Classes to the Radio

Denver, CO – Research has shown that learning a new language can improve a person’s life in many ways. Many have gotten pay raises while others have been promoted because of their ability to speak a new language.

The Language School and Hector Salazar are partnering to bring “El Profe David” live to the radio every Wednesday, from 5 to 6, starting May 1st, 2019. The new program tittled “Let’s Talk, Hablemos Inglés” aims to bring entertaining, engaging, and practical English lessons to the Spanish speaking community of Colorado so they can improve their communication skills.

The Language School gives conversation classes in small group settings to help people start learning and speaking English.  This practical and innovative approach has helped students improve their lives and income.

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The Language School is a private language school in Colorado known for offering an innovative approach to learning a different language for adults. Many people find it hard to learn another language because schools and tutors focus on classroom style lecturing that doesn’t address the real reasons why students are learning, which are to improve communication at work and in their communities.

Let’s Talk, Hablemos Inglés with David Stevens, will lead thousands of people to learn English on the radio. It’s not one of those boring teachers that focuses on learning new words that are easily forgotten.  He’s a fun, lively, and entertaining professor that has mastered the art of communication skills.  Everyone who listens to the weekly program will be able to have a fundamental idea of how the English language works and can begin to speak it.

Being a radio program, people will be able to join the live class on 1150 AM, with one of the station’s top journalists Hector Salazar, and The Language School’s Director David Stevens. They can tune in from their car, at work, or at home.

Speaking a different language, especially English, can help improve a person’s career almost immediately. For example, Eli, a student from Honduras, has been studying at The Language School for over two years now. After a year, he doubled his salary and got a promotion. Several months later, he was given a company vehicle. He attributes much of his success to The Language School.

There are many other students whose lives have been transformed completely by getting promotions and pay raises after studying English for approximately a year at The Language School.  Its weekly live radio program Let’s Talk, Hablemos Inglés is never to be missed by anyone who is interested in learning English and improving his or her quality of life in Colorado.

About The Language School

The Language School teaches adults conversational English and Spanish so students can speak the new language with confidence at work, in their community, and during their travels.

It offers a variety of ways to study, including small group classes, private lessons, online lessons, and intensive immersion programs.  Sign up for a class today and Let’s Start Talking!

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