The Edmonton Company Illuminates Earth’s Beauty

The Edmonton Company Illuminates Earth’s Beauty

The Edmonton Landscape Lighting Company brings a new twist to lighting landscapes with their “Creating Art with Light™” approach. A spin-off from the already successful OutdoorSpace In., this new brand brings a unique service to the area: lighting that is environmentally friendly and cuts down on light pollution.

Specializing in What They do Best: Landscape lighting

In contrast to “outdoor lighting”, this new company focuses on beautification and improving the use of space through the installation of specialized “landscape lighting”. With landscape lighting, elements of the yard are carefully accented, rather than providing illumination to high-traffic areas.

The focus of The Edmonton Landscape Lighting Company is to appropriate light where it is needed, while also keeping light out of areas where it’s not. By finding unique ways to direct lighting, this accent company is able to reduce light pollution, resulting in a pure unobstructed view of the night sky and an ambiance that is unmatched.

Environmentally Friendly and Energy Efficient

While some home and business owners have been making the move to solar, the reality is that solar powered lights are not only less environmentally friendly, they are also costlier to purchase, require special installation, and require more frequent replacement.

Solar powered lights are prone to degradation due to the elements, break down faster, and utilize internal batteries that require the production and use of extremely hazardous materials to manufacture. 

On the other hand, low-voltage landscape lighting costs less to start, has a smaller carbon footprint during production, and last a lot longer. While most outdoor lights are 120 volts, low-voltage lighting only uses 12-volt systems. Because of this, these systems not only use less energy, but are considered much safer than high-voltage systems.

“Light Pollution” Control

Light pollution is a growing issue where the presence of lights from houses, businesses, and other areas blocks the view of the night sky. Not only is it difficult to see stars, but the change of color in the sky resulting from escaping light can disrupt the circadian rhythm of humans and animals alike.

Light pollution also extends to other environmental areas, such as wasteful use of electricity. This increases an area’s carbon footprint. Edmonton is a world leader in low carbon footprints, and this company intends to help lower it even further.

Residential and Commercial Services

Serving both residential and commercial landscapes, The Edmonton Landscape Lighting Company offers design, installation, and maintenance of accent lighting. This new business has already garnered many positive reviews regarding their processes.

The landscape artists work hard to ensure that existing landscapes will be disrupted in as minimal a fashion as possible. This detailed plan outlines the entire installation process and requires client approval.

A Track Record of Results

Though a newer offering, the professionals behind the brand have combined decades of experience and a track record of successful projects and satisfied customers. The Edmonton Landscape Lighting Company not only employs the best professionals in the business, but those who also value artistry and design. Their lighting accent team works with clients to find ways to discretely accentuate the highlights of any yard or architecture.

Using LED lighting technology and flexible lighting, The Edmonton Landscape Lighting Company brings an ambience to yards that few companies can imitate. By the select use of techniques such as down-lighting, mirror lighting, cross-lighting, grazing, wall-washing, moon lighting, and more, these artists truly can direct light in any direction.

Those seeking to add value to their home or business with a high-tech, energy-efficient landscape lighting system can learn more by visiting their website directly or by reaching out by way of the media contact information below.

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Contact Person: Tony Peters
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