ezTalks Enhances Seamless Team Collaboration by Announcing New IM Features & Capabilities

Recently, ezTalks Technology Company Limited, the leading video conferencing & business collaboration provider, announced the enhancement of Instant Messaging features for the iPhone devices. With continuous effort to deliver customers premium collaborative experience, ezTalks successfully marked the milestone for seamless team collaboration with its updating Instant Messaging (IM) features and capabilities.

Instant messaging (IM) technology is the type of online chat that offers real-time text transmission over the Internet. The adoption of IM features in video conferencing apps, such as ezTalks is a great way to engage with team members thanks to its “instant” nature. Real-time communication streamlines business teams with chats and creates flexibility, convenience and productivity in modern workplace. The combination of IM and video meetings is unavoidable when wanting to deliver efficient and seamless group collaboration.

ezTalks published its polished IM features on ezTalks Meetings (the video meeting app) for the Windows and Android devices years ago and recently, it announced its IM updates on iPhone devices. Although it implemented a little bit late compared to Windows/Android versions, the iPhone version got great features and capabilities that would greatly improve group messaging and communication.

Start Group or 1:1 Video Meetings Instantly

From the ezTalks Meetings for iPhone Version 3.0.0 or later version, users can start instant group video chats or one to one video calls with one click. ezTalks Meetings allows up to 100 participants in video meetings with the free plan and users can try most of the functions without any cost. Group members are able to use different tools to convey the content and present ideas, such as texts, emoji, voice messages, screenshots or pictures.

Create Groups by Projects, Teams or Subjects

In this new iPhone Version, users are able to create different groups for different projects, teams or subjects. There is no limit for numbers of groups created, which means the host can create as many groups as needed. Group members can fully interact with each other by chats, video calls, audio calls, file sharing, whiteboard and screen sharing.

Get to Know the Status of Presence

It can be awkward when you talk to someone and get no reply or feedback. Sometimes it will cause misunderstanding when you do not know whether they don’t want to answer the question or simply he/she is not online. ezTalks Meetings has eliminated this potential misunderstanding by showing the presence status of the contacts. Users are able to check whether their contacts are online, busy or offline. It is quite easy to know the availability of each person and talk when it’s convenient. If you do not want to get interrupted, you can simply change the status.

Communicate with External Partners

The group or 1:1 chat is not limited only to the company employees, but all of your partners outside the company too. Suppliers, prospects or consultants can also be one of the group members. Invite them via email and once they agree you are then members of the same chat group.

Collaborate across Different Platforms

ezTalks keeps synchronization and collaboration between different platforms so that your team can stay productive in any location and connect from different devices. The chat history on your desktop will be available when you use the same account on mobile devices. You can also assured the communication will run smoothly if you use your iPhone while the other members use Windows devices.

Lifetime Data Storage for Chats

The chat history including the shared files, emojis, texts and voice messages will be stored forever. As long as you do not delete data on your own devices, the chat history is archived and ready for review at any time.

The updated IM features of ezTalks Meetings facilitate team collaboration and make group communication seamless. It is the tool that helps every organization leverage the power of messaging communication and to enhance team collaboration. It is also perfect for all departments and teams.

By announcing the new updates, ezTalks moves another step forward its aim of providing easy, reliable and affordable business collaboration tools. With four types of platform, ezTalks Meetings, Webinar, Rooms and Hardware, ezTalks has now provided consistent business collaborative platforms for all business scenarios. Furthermore, the company is still striving to make the customers satisfied with the ezTalks services and to exceed the expectations of every user.

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