BitSuper Held A Global Launch Ceremony on GBIS Singapore

BitSuper held a grand global launch ceremony during the Global Blockchain Investment Summit (GBIS) Singapore on April 24th, 2019. Ms. Candice Song, COO of BitSuper, delivered a keynote speech upon invitation, and received great attention from the attending guests and industry peers.

This large-scale Summit involved more than 100 blockchain finance companies from many countries and regions around the world. Ms. Candice, COO of BitSuper was joined by Mr. Jay Liang, Founder of Hong Kong Blockchain Association, Mr. Khalfan Al Mazrouei, Head of the Secretary Office of the UAE Royal Family, Mr. John Mavrak, Former President of World Trade Centers Management Company and other important guests.

As economic globalization prevails, the financial industry is increasingly dependent on timeliness and hence drives the further development of financial digitization. With the support of distributed technologies, more and more financial assets are introduced to the blockchain network and form digital assets with higher degrees of fluidity. Unfortunately, the current digital asset market is a crude mix with unstable performances. Therefore, the Summit arranged a panel discussion on the topic of “The Management of Digital Assets.” Mr. John Mavrak, Former President of World Trade Centers Management Company, Mr. An Xinxin, Partner of Coin Time and other experts expressed their perspectives.

Ms. Candice Song, COO of BitSuper, delivered a keynote speech on “BitSuper at the Post-Exchange Era,” which is another highlight of this Summit. In her speech, Candice mentioned that although the digital currency market was overall still in the bear market cycle, it was definitely a “value basin” with a market value of less than $200 billion, while major financial markets, such as the US stock market ($30 trillion by the end of 2018), the global gold market (almost $8 trillion) and the China A-Shares (about $6 trillion) have much higher market values. Therefore, BitSuper enters the digital asset market with the faith that the market ecology could reactivate the relatively gloomy market performance.

For BitSuper, it is only the first step to screen quality projects and to regulate speculating activities. It is more crucial to protect those quality projects and to create an attractive investment environment for users. As an empowering exchange, BitSuper will scout for high-quality assets global-wise, and leverage its eco-distribution advantages to integrate empowerment service projects such as “light incubation,” “resource introduction,” “node planning,” etc. in order to support practical and high-quality projects.

Furthermore, BitSuper will propose incentives for its users, such as new user registration rewards, invitation rewards, trade competitions, etc. to increase user activeness. It aims to become a trustworthy platform for investors with the most tangible benefits.

In fact, in addition to the features mentioned above, BitSuper also seeks to provide a stage where all parties can profit. All participants in BitSuper can satisfy their needs: investors can find tangible and applicable projects, projects can find long-term value investors and users, and users can find projects that worth the investments. The mechanism that promotes the mutual benefits of the three parties eventually establishes BitSuper’s brand and reputation. Speculators and organizations that damage user benefits will be naturally eliminated, and the industry ecology will enter into a virtuous cycle.

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