Auto Repair at Mick’s Automotive

Get your vehicle repair at Santa Cruz Auto Repair that offers diagnostic equipments for all repair systems of your vehicle. We are Specialize in Auto repair of Japanese Vehicles.

Think… while on road your car stops and not starting again. This could be due to many reasons. We know you have a very hectic life style and you can’t make time to bring your vehicle for servicing until it gets too late. This leads to expensive repairing and takes your lot of time. Some people opt to take the cheap way out for repairing. They get assistance from people who are not professionally certified. Taking the cheap servicing isn’t always good decision.

It is better to go to professional Santa Cruz Auto Repair. One of the best reasons for getting assistance is that they have all the diagnostic equipments which are used for all vehicle system. There are certain pieces of equipments that are needed for particular repairing issues. What’s needed to fix a dent is totally different from what’s needed for replacement of tires. Other best reason to go to a professional Santa Cruz Car Repair is that they offer warranty. It ensures that the vehicle owner is protected in the cases where might something go wrong with the repair. An uncertified person usually doesn’t offer warranty. The owner really cannot do anything with the compensated issue if the repair goes wrong prematurely.

Mick’s Automotive is ASE Certifies and Toyota Hybrid Specialists. Our technicians are well aware of today’s technologies as they attend regular automotive seminars. At least 150+ hours a Year! We provide technical Santa Cruz Car Repair specialists in Acura, Honda, Lexus, Subaru, Nissan, Infiniti and Toyota. We are also specialize in repair of Japanese Vehicles including timing belts, car batteries, overheating, brake repair, suspension, shocks, struts and diagnosis services.

Your vehicle needs time to time maintenance but because of having hectic routine it might get neglected. Mick’s Automotive can help with vehicle repairing and maintenance reminders. We’ll let you know when you are due for an oil change and any recommended maintenance is coming up for your vehicle. So it is easy to know when it’s the right time to come in.


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