The absurdly efficient, ridiculously cheap, surprisingly comfortable way to heat your home: Rocket Mass Heaters

A Kickstarter Campaign To Cobble Together 4 More DVD’s On How to Build Gobs of Different Rocket Mass Heaters

Missoula, MT – Feb 18, 2015 – This Kickstarter campaign is hoping to fund the production of four more DIY DVDs for Rocket Mass Heaters! Lemme tell ya, hopes are high because it has reached over a ¼ of its campaign goal with 187 backers in just two days! Wow! If they pull this off, it will be the fifth crowdfunding campaign the team has completed. Their goal is to pull together $42,000 by March 16th, 2015. It has already received a screamin’ welcome from people who want to adopt a sustainable and efficient way to heat their homes, and quite frankly, save the world.  

So what’s the big deal? Well, Rocket Mass Heaters are one of the most sustainable and affordable heat sources in the world! This unique system emits less than one tenth of greenhouse gases and only uses one tenth the wood that conventional stoves use!

Paul Wheaton, the creator of the campaign and the dubbed “Duke of Permaculture”, mixes modern science with knowledge dating back hundreds of years to bring innovations to these Rocket Mass Heaters. He is bonkers about permaculture, a philosophy of working with nature instead of against it. Wheaton and other permaculture gurus continue to experiment and play with these rocket mass heaters, always trying to optimize them in a permaculture way.

Now, for the whole logistics part. It begins by creating a bunch of smoke in the barrel, and then burns that smoke so no one has to smell it! Then, the heat is captured from the exhaust, and is then held in a mass to hold the heat for days. If you still have no idea how the heck this works, you can click here.

The previous Kickstarter campaign to film and distribute the first DVD set on Rocket Mass Heaters received tons of love. It raised over five times the minimum goal. However, the peeps who love this clean form of heating wanted more! They wanted to have more DVDs made with more information and better sound and video quality!  So the same original team is back and ready to serve up what the people asked for! They have all the raw footage already, but they need funds to cover the production costs of putting the DVDs together! It’s expensive stuff.

Viewers will get an insider view of three workshops, one innovators event, and the building of ten different types of Rocket Mass Heaters! The DVDs will cover cob style rocket mass heaters, pebble style rocket mass heaters, shippable cores, and even the Rocket Mass Heater Innovators Event Paul hosted out at his land.

So many people are excited for the new set of DVDs and cannot wait for its release. As more and more people learn how simple, efficient, and eco-friendly the rocket mass heaters are, the faster the world will begin moving, scratch that, sprinting in the right direction towards saving this beautiful earth we inhabit.

To make a contribution, please visit their Kickstarter campaign by clicking here.  Backers can choose from a variety of exclusive, nifty perks as a thank you for helping them out!

For those of you who are short on cash, you can still be part of this world-changing innovation by sharing the campaign everywhere you can possible think up! Help bring a valuable resource to the good people that want to save the world and heat their home simultaneously.

Media Contact
Company Name: Rocket Mass Heaters
Contact Person: Cassie Langstraat
Phone: (406)-671-0229
Country: United States