The Doctors Answer – A HIPAA Complaint Physician Answering Service with a Difference

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United States of America, 17 January 2013: The Doctors Answer with more than 25 years experience as a professional answering service for the medical community is attracting clients with competitive rates and an offer of 1 month free trial.

Many traditional answering companies have the same set of employees for lawyers, airlines or doctors.

“We doctors require an answering service dedicated to our specialized needs”, says a specialist physician. “A service that provides one-size fits all solution to all clients will not deliver results”.

The physician is right.

A doctor’s practice never treats with a one-size fits all solution to each and every patient. How can they expect doctor answering services to do the same?

The most important factor that singles out a good medical answering company from the mundane ones is the quality of staff. The staff must be appropriately trained to attend to medical calls.

If the staff includes nurses it is much better because triage queries need satisfactory responses. Additionally, complicated questions on insurance need expert handling.

“HIPAA compliance is the key feature we look into while choosing a physician answering service”, says a doctor of a well-known hospital.

HIPAA, abbreviation for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, now a law, focuses on standards for electronic transactions, privacy for individually identifiable health information and security of electronic protected health information.

It is important that a medical answering company must:

Know how to use patient’s health information (PHI)

  • Know how to interact with the patient’s family
  • Have a clear and concise knowledge of the patients rights

As per a survey nearly 25% of healthcare expenses are spent on administrative overheads. This has made the need to reform the insurance market and simplify the administrative processes, imperative.

The main goal of HIPAA is to standardize the use of electronic transmission of administrative and financial data because it is important to protect patient data in every possible manner.

A trained agent says, “we keep all PHI locked and secured when we are away, do not use any patient identifiers in email, and do not discuss patient health information in public areas”.

The key security rule is, all technical, physical and administrative safeguards must be implemented to address the confidentiality of patients.

Fortunately for the medical practice, answering companies like The Doctors Answer has put in place, policies that make clients’ medical data safe and protected. They have their own 128-bit encryption message delivery system to safeguard patient information.

Most important of all, the staff must be disciplined in their dealings. They must not install unauthorized software or unlicensed software on computers or abuse the internet or e-mail access privileges accorded to them.

The Doctors Answer seems to be doing a good job of developing and implementing information security policies and procedures. Their employees attend routine workshops and undergo strict HIPAA compliance training.

Apart from HIPAA compliance, disaster management is important. Power outages due to storms, breakdowns or any other reason must not prevent patients from contacting doctors. Use of modern technology and other redundancy methods can ensure that the answering companies continue to function smoothly.

Considering many factors, choosing the right physician answering service is quite a task for doctors. Providing friendly and professional answers is one thing, but handling all calls with a proper protocol requires a specialized physician answering service.

The Doctors Answer, with their competitive rates, looks to fit the bill perfectly.


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