Fashion Guru and One Man Spectacle, StevenBe, Will Soon Star in Reality Series

The fashion world has long been the arena of choice for vivacious and memorable characters, but there are few that capture the attention of fashion insiders and the general public as completely as Steven Berg. More popularly known as StevenBe, he found his calling when he knitted sequin dresses for his collection of Barbies as a young boy in Wisconsin. Since then, he has become an icon in the fashion industry for his revolutionary adoption and endorsement of the fiber arts, as well as his uniquely boisterous and larger-than-life persona. 

The producers of sureCAN productions recognize that StevenBe is already a living legend. It is because of this that they would like to immortalize him in a reality series showcasing both his talents as a fashion pioneer, as well as the unforgettable situations in which he finds himself in pursuit of his art.  This new series has already finished production on “Episode One: Knit York” and “StevenBe Sizzle: Meet the Cast,” but there is always more to capture on film when one is involved with this Fiber Family.  sureCAN would like to record five or six episodes for the initial season including one with a road trip to Pittsburgh.

The world is sure to crave more once it sees StevenBe rampage through the world of models, designers and fashion lovers, but to make this show available to viewers will require a considerable budget. To raise the $86,000 needed to film and produce the first season, sureCAN productions has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and invited fans to participate in making this series project.

In return for financially supporting this campaign, backers may receive perks ranging from the norm like autographed photos & totes and year long pattern downloads to the outrageous like invitations to a cast pizza party, voicemail greetings, house cleanings, birthday phone calls, karaoke parties, and prom dates! If fans want to be even more involved in the creation of the show they can submit props and one-liners or receive outtakes, behind the scenes photos, or even appear in an episode. The top tier prize is an actual knitting cruise with StevenBe from Boston to Bermuda.

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