Kerwin A. Hunt, Sr., from The Ministry of Reconciliation to Christ Jesus on spending over 18 years spreading the word of Jehovah Yahweh

Kerwin A. Hunt, Sr., and his wife Brenda J. Hunt are the Pastors and Overseers of The Ministry of Reconciliation to Christ Jesus International, Inc. The Founder of the Ministry is the Apostle Norman L. Moutra, Sr. The Ministry first began in the home of Kerwin & Brenda Hunt in July 2001 in the City of Stone Mountain, Georgia. The Ministry is comprised of a dedicated team of Believers who work consistently toward spreading the Word of Jehovah Yahweh.

The Ministry has a mission of helping people live a meaningful life with the help of developing a personal relationship with Jehovah Yahweh through His Son Jehovah Yeshua. The Ministry is comprised of a library of online videos, books and more on For over 18 years, Kerwin and Brenda Hunt along with their dedicated team, have purposed in their heart to fulfill the mission and vision of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world using social media, internet, and radio.

In this exclusive interview, Kerwin talks about his plans for the ministry.

Interviewer: Give us a summary of your background?

Kerwin Hunt: I started out in ministry over 30 years ago as a Teen Counselor faithfully serving for 10 years. I was later asked to be the Youth Pastor at a Young and Thriving Church of which I spent 2 years in this capacity. It was at this time that I felt the leading of the Lord to step out and establish The Ministry of Reconciliation. It was my Father in Law who inspired me to make sure that people were being reconciled to Jesus Christ and it was from this fatherly wisdom that the name The Ministry of Reconciliation to Christ Jesus was birthed. 

Interviewer: What inspired you to establish The Ministry of Reconciliation?

Kerwin Hunt: I went up to Stone Mountain one day and the Lord spoke to me and said that He wanted me to start the ministry and I decided to obey.

Interviewer: Tell us something about your ministry’s mission?

Kerwin Hunt: To reconcile souls back to God.

Interviewer: What advice will you give to someone seeking knowledge about the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Kerwin Hunt: I would tell them to get a Bible, and read the four gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and pray everyday to Jehovah Yahweh through Jehovah Yeshua-His Son and join themselves to a faith believing church that teaches the word of God.

Interviewer: Tell us something about your upcoming events and projects?

Kerwin Hunt: We are planning some events where we will minister the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone who is interested and future Prayer Conferences at a local Hotel in the city.

More information about Kerwin Hunt and his organization can be found here.

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