Next Bank, A Blockchain-based Financial Platform, Builds A Super Access to the Digital Asset World

In 2018, the integration of blockchain industry and traditional industry boomed. The traditional business giants accelerated their layout in the blockchain industry. More than 75 large banks worldwide joined the blockchain interbank information network. In October, ING launched the ZKSM (zero knowledge set membership) solutions to enhance privacy by distributed accounting technology. The industrial application scenarios are becoming clear and specific. However, its commercial application is only limited to a small range, and is participated by only a few business institutions and individuals. In the future, Next Bank will boost the blockchain technology to get applied in the financial field in a large scale.

As data suggests, there are about 50 million cryptocurrency holders worldwide, about 8 million in China. There is a great potential for the cryptocurrency market to grow and expand. Next Bank will enable common people to participate in the blockchain finance and share the added value of digital economy. Next Bank will devote itself to piloting the development of blockchain finance industry, building the foundation for future’s encryption economy, and creating the customer access of blockchain finance, the comprehensive service platform and the ecology expansion port. It will make good use of its advantages in design, technology and community to achieve the organic integration of blockchain technology, financial system and the real world, thus to create an open, safe and fair financial system for the world and to provide the blockchain-based financial solutions. As its development planning suggests, Next Bank will start from basic functions, then gradually introduce various blockchain-based financial functions, and have access to diversified blockchain-based financial applications. At last, it will, focusing on the management of user’s digital asset and encrypted payment, build up a super access ecology for blockchain finance.

The founder and CEO of Next Bank said that “Any far-sighted fintech company in the world will take blockchain as the next tendency of digital finance. However, the wide commercial application of blockchain and encryption protocol is still in the exploratory stage, and the industry giants are yet to come out. Next Bank provides infrastructure for the blockchain-based financial products and services, and smashes the barriers between the real economy and the digital economy, thus opening up a new business Blue Ocean.”

In the encryption world in 2019, Next Bank builders will devote more efforts to solving practical problems for real users, deploying expandable and sound blockchain finance service infrastructure, establishing a high-quality financial system, and promoting the sustainable development of its business. Next Bank builders, with all users, will participate in and witness the popularization of blockchain finance. 

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