Breaking the Shackles of Cryptocurrency, Next Bank Starts A New Era for Blockchain

Breaking the Shackles of Cryptocurrency, Next Bank Starts A New Era for Blockchain

Every change of capital form will always go through ups and downs. The capital winter we are having now is both accidental and inevitable to the blockchain. The blindly fast development will inevitably produce loopholes, while the low ebb provides a chance for blockchain economy to hone itself, thus to achieve long-term development.

The excessive combination of blockchain and cryptocurrency will only hinder the development of blockchain economy, especially when the cryptocurrency has not been completely recognized and accepted by the world. Therefore, it is truly necessary for the blockchain to find a New World beyond the cryptocurrency to completely change people’s view towards it.

Now, people will naturally associate blockchain with cryptocurrency. Many even believe that cryptocurrency is the only application of blockchain, which is apparently a misinterpretation of blockchain. For a new technology, cryptocurrency is not all about blockchain application, but an important part of it.

For this very reason, it becomes more necessary for blockchain to structure its own ecosystem in this capital winter. To do this, we need to integrate a variety of applications such as new retail, finance and so on, instead of the application of Internet patterns only.

Next Bank has always been seeking more possibilities to build the eco-chain of blockchain economy, and has endeavored to explore the traditional industries such as retail, finance, etc., so as to find out the environment that can provide good soil for the development of blockchain. It has built up a complete blockchain ecology that covers the issuance, storage, payment, management, appreciation and application of cryptocurrency.

In technology, Next Bank has always made improvements and self-adjustments. Based on the RootBase technology, it has applied blockchain to more industries to solve practical problems, finally to achieve the goal that the blockchain can operate in an ecological way under the support of Next Bank. Next Bank has kept improving the ecology of blockchain economy, in order to build up an ecosphere of its own. At present, there are still many difficulties faced, such as disorder of market, fraud in application and so on. As we step out of the period when people feel satisfied and pleased with cryptocurrency and refuse to make any progress, Next Bank is promoting the blockchain industry to enter a new era when it will grow and rise based on its accumulated strength.

The rapid development of blockchain industry will no doubt boost the development of Next Bank. The explosion of the blockchain technology will be achieved by the coordinated development of many aspects. Maybe, this is the power to put the capital winter to an end, and to truly usher the blockchain industry in a diverse and glorious era.

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