May 21, 2019 – Daher Holding, a Lebanese private holding group that is already known for evoking high-flying deeds when it comes to turning creative and innovative thinking into reality proudly announces a great deal to partners in a bid to bring about a redefined experience like never before. Daher Holding was founded in 2018 by Ali Daher and presently, they have more than 6 established businesses and startups around the world with assets in four countries and in six different industries. 

“At Daher Holding we love & support start-ups and we ensure that every company operating under our roof, offers the same high quality service at all times. We will continue to make big strides in our successful strategy, aimed at creating an innovation driven knowledge-based economy,” says Ali Daher.

With over 20000 customers across the four countries and about 7 launched businesses, it is so evident that Daher Holding comprises of passionate team members who set the bar higher and learn rapidly and eagerly. Their people/ partners thrive and are worthy of freedom. They are self-aware, self-motivating, self-disciplined and most importantly self-improving.

There are several businesses under Daher Holding and one of them is Al Safeer Cars which is one of the leading car showrooms in Sharjah, that aims to provide the best cars and service to customers in the region. Rems Workshop is another subsidiary that has been dealing with Dubai Taxi Corporation since its establishment. 

Pick is also under them and it is a company that provides everyday on demand services, with the use of modern powerful technology. Daher Technology is not left out, they are the builders and makers of each database and website made for the Daher Holding group. Furthermore, Daher Store and Daher Technologies are also some of their subsidiaries.

Daher Store is an international B2C fast fashion and gadgets e-commerce platform.

The company mainly focuses on men’s wear, but it also offers woman’s apparel, accessories, shoes, bags, and other items. Daher Records help make artist dreams come true at a very competitive price because they believe every artist deserves to become popular.

To know more and to also be a partner to Daher Holdings, please visit www.daherholding.net

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