Walleteras’ New Double Espresso – Front Pocket Wallet Becomes a Hit

Walleteras’ New Double Espresso - Front Pocket Wallet Becomes a Hit

Finding men’s wallets online can be a difficult task. There is an abundance of details that need to be done right to create a great wallet, and many providers simply cannot nail the intricacies. However, Walleteras has been a notable name in the market that has managed to do this effectively.

Walleteras has been a long-provider of high-quality wallets, card holders and money clips for their many customers. The level of care and detail they put in, along with the utilization of high-quality leather results in the creation of an astounding wallet that manages to outshine its competition. Durable, portable and impressively long-lasting, these wallets have become the premier option for a multitude of people.

Their recent new addition to their wardrobe of wallets has been the Double Espresso – Front pocket wallet. This is a small wallet that is designed to carry all of one’s essentials. Truly staying true to the proverb, “good things come in small packages”, this wallet is not only incredibly versatile but offers the accessibility that many others simply fail to do so.

Primarily available in two forms, the “S” which is a small and slim variant measuring 2.9”x 3.9” x.3” inches, containing 12 slots, two internal pockets and with rounded edges to allow easier sliding into one’s front pocket. It is also available in a “T” variant that measures 2.9”x 4.3”x .3” inches, containing 12 slots and two internal pockets. The user rating for the product has been quite astounding with many reviewing it as one of their favorite wallets from Walleteras so far.

One of the primary reasons why the wallet excels is because of how convenient it is. One can easily reach their most-used cards within seconds, and it can easily store driver licenses, insurance or credit cards with the utmost safety. This is because each pocket is lined with RFID blocking line to protect one’s cards from falling.

The type of leather used is also quite resounding: crazy horse leather, for a more vintage, classic look or oil waxed black leather for a more business-appropriate professional look. It is currently available on the Walleteras website for just $31.99. For more information: https://walleteras.com/products/walleteras-double-espresso-front-pocket-wallet-with-rfid-blocking

About Walleteras:

Walleteras is an online store designed to provide the most impeccable wallets of all kinds. Their collection includes Bi-Fold wallets, crazy horse wallets, front pocket wallets, long wallets and many more. The wallets are intricately designed and the type of leather used is quite noteworthy. As a result of this, Walleteras has become one of the most premier choices for men’s wallets nowadays. 

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