France Guided by St. Louis by Louis de Montarlot – Visiting France’s Hidden Realms of Jewels through the Eyes of King St. Louis

France Guided by St. Louis by Louis de Montarlot - Visiting France’s Hidden Realms of Jewels through the Eyes of King St. Louis

Lakeworth, FL – May 21, 2019 – The reputation of attracting most tourists as a country is France’s gems. While known as the most visited nation in the world, France is also rich in history and monarchy. The book France Guided by St Louis, by Louis de Montarlot, attempts to disclose the places in France, which the French King St. Louis visited many times. From dining like a king, to tour like a king, readers can get inspired by the book showing how to look at France’s monuments like St Louis did 800 years ago.

When France is mentioned, most people would immediately picture Paris and the city’s landmark museums and monuments famous around the world. People visiting France have various goals: those seeking fun as their purpose would haunt the unaccounted cafes, boutiques, wine tours, and restaurants, while the more religious oriented would make the blessed pilgrimage to Lourdes or Chartres.

In France Guided by St. Louis, the author writes about the breathtaking smaller cities of France, which are, many a time, totally out of range for tourists. Since that it’s just a matter of blissful ignorance,, Louis de Montarlot writes about France’s lesser-known gems nestled within the ramparts, old streets and particularly the places where the French Monarchy rose.

France Guided by St. Louis gives an insight on how to understand France through just ten cities. Louis de Montariot said the following about his book, “Many books on France specialize on history, geography, tourism, vine, people, etc.… but not on all these aspects in the same chapters.” The book provides practical information for readers’ applied convenience and knowledge.

The author, Louis de Montarlot, has a passion for history via tourism. He shows how France as a country can be visited by a historical perspective that brings a new kind of wanderlust fulfillment. He knows that many tourists there want to go the extra mile, explore the hidden realms of the country. By this book, he gives them not only a purpose but also viable planning.

About the author

Louis de Montarlot, spent most of his professional life as an international marketing consultant on all the continents.  But his real passion was history and tourism, in fact, history through tourism. France, his country of origin, allowed him to show how a country can be visited today with renewed excitement through the eyes of a incredible figure of the XIIIth century,  King Louis IX, only  King to be also a Saint.

France Guided by St. Louis embodies Louis de Montarlot’s favorite quote, “History, facts or legends, make the beauty of any place in the world.”

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