GoodNoon releases a study analyzing the reasons why some brands receive more media coverage than others

According to a recent study conducted by the PR and publicity company GoodNoon, the key to getting media coverage is to understand, first of all, what journalists consider an important story, and secondly, to know what message the business wants to offer to customers. Unless you have cleared this idea, your publicity strategy won’t succeed.

GoodNoon has released a publicity guide, explaining how the analysis of Majestic backlinks can show the editorial context of any advertising piece. In this post, I’m going to compile 10 media news that includes press links and see what lessons can be learned from these works.

In the Site Explorer, in the Backlinks tab, we can see the URL of the page where the link appears, and the URL to which the link points:

This offers an immediate perspective of media coverage. By analyzing these two pages, you will be able to answer these two basic questions:

  • From the point of view of the journalist, what is the story?
  • What messages does the company seek to transmit to its customers?
  • From the point of view of the journalist, what is the news?

What is the background of the news? Understanding this, you will have a very clear idea of ​​what journalists are looking for in the stories they write about. And this means that you can give them better ideas that they can use in their articles.

How do you think the story came to them? Was it in response to a press release? (If so, do a Google search to see what you can find) Does it seem to be a commission from an editor? Is it a story in which the journalist has a personal interest? Is it a story that follows a topic of a recent trend?

Who is the journalist or who do you interview in the article? Why do you think they have chosen those people for the interview? What do you think the statements contribute to the story?

The more information you can get from the news, the easier it will be for you to enter the journalist’s head, and therefore better understand what may interest you in the future.

What message does the company want to convey to its customers?

Of course, the company only has partial control over what appears in the news.

However, a company that is akin to the media may decide in advance that it would like to see it published. And how much more clear you have this, and the more you get the media to be surprised or to see a unique content in what you send them, the more chances you have that the journalist uses it.

So pay attention to this article from the commercial point of view. And ask yourself questions like: is there a powerful and easy-to-remember message in the story? If there is, what feeling or knowledge do we get with their reading? If history does not have a great message, why do you think it can be and how could you improve it and have it?

Are the brand’s quote interesting? Do they tell a story?

Are there other people in the company involved? We like to look for stories that involve 3 groups of people: the business owner, the customers and the company’s staff. It is unlikely that you will find all 3 groups in the same news, but the search for these personal stories makes you think about what you could say about your company or your client.

Is there anything interesting to link? The first step to get a link is to ask for it, and support the request with great content that the journalist wants to share with his readers.

For your business or client, ask yourself, is your product ideal for a journalist to try? What resources or websites can you offer, what makes your documentation work easier?

If you want to improve your own public relations skills, answer these two fundamental questions:

  • From the point of view of the journalist, what is the news?
  • What messages does the company seek to transmit to its customers?

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