Utah Whole Life Insurance Agent Helps with Infinity Banking, Velocity Banking, or Be Your Own Bank

Utah Whole Life Insurance Agent Helps with Infinity Banking, Velocity Banking, or Be Your Own Bank

“Independent insurance agent, Dave Bresnahan.”
Many people have read books, been to presentations, or seen information on the Internet about Velocity Banking, Infinity Banking, or Be Your Own Bank. A Utah whole life insurance agent offers free consultations to demystify the concepts.

Sandy, Utah – The average consumer can be easily confused by the many claims that are made about how to Be Your Own Bank, Infinity Banking, Circle of Wealth, Renatus, as well as Velocity Banking. There are books on the subjects, as well as live presentations, and on-line videos that add to the confusion.

“The concept is a great one, but for the average person it creates confusion and thus hesitancy to give it a try. And people are wise to not jump into unfamiliar territory with their hard-earned money,” explained David Bresnahan, a Utah licensed life insurance agent.

“The idea is to never need to obtain a traditional consumer loan again. It is a great concept, and it really does work, but it is not for everyone. It is important to talk with someone who can provide factual information with none of the sales hype found at those hotel room meetings, which I can provide at no cost and no obligation,” said Bresnahan.

Bresnahan is an independent insurance agent who has no loyalty to any particular insurance company. He says his loyalty is to his clients. There are no charges for his consultation, and nothing to join for those who wish to participate once a plan has been designed.

“Each client has different needs, budget, and concerns. My job is to meet one on one with anyone and help them to figure out what is best for them. If they like me, and like the recommendations I make, then we may decide to work together, but there is never any obligation or sales pressure,” said Bresnahan.

Some of his clients are members of Renatus, Circle of Wealth, and other groups. Many attended various group presentations, or have just read books like “Leap: Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process” by Robert Castiglione, “Becoming Your Own Banker” by R. Nelson Nash, “The Bank on Yourself Revolution” by Pamela Yellen, and others of a similar nature.

“I let people know that they should check every source for information, then come to me for straight answers they can trust. My recommendations are individualized, and I have the freedom as a fully independent agent to design a plan that is unique and specific to their needs, not what some company tells me to show people,” explained Bresnahan.

His website is at www.BresnahanInsuranceSavings.com and he can be reached directly on his cell phone at 801-562-5362.

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