The One Thing Whitening Strips, Energy Drinks and the Immune System Share In Common

Good oral health has long been an integral part of general health and research has done a good job in uncovering the main habits and practices that can lead to problems. However, according to several new studies published earlier in 2019, there is more to worry about.

In an effort to raise awareness of these findings among Canadians, a Thornhill Dental Office key spokesperson has commented on findings. The practice has been providing oral health and dental services since 2009 and their mission to not only fix existing problems, but prevent them from happening is the driver behind their efforts. The clinic is committed to personalized care and creating a ‘one-stop shop’ for all dental needs by offering everything from specialized teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry services, dental implants, root canal treatment, hygiene services and more.

The strips destroying collagen

Preliminary research results led by a chemistry professor at Stockton University suggests whitening strips are damaging teeth way beneath the surface. While people typically look for enamel friendly products when it comes to whitening their teeth, what they fail to understand is that the majority of these routinely available products are enough to make the underlying collagen disappear completely.

Tooth whitening is one of the most requested treatment in our practice and similarly, in many other offices across the country. It’s natural for many people to believe they can achieve the same results by ordering something off Amazon or just picking up some strips from the local pharmacy. That is neither safe nor effective. Whitening procedures done right should protect all tissues of the tooth, while giving patients the results they were seeking”, said the spokesperson.

Energy drinks are the enemy of enamel

By now, everyone is aware of the effects of sugary drinks on teeth health. But what about energy and sports drinks? Studies suggest the risks are pretty much the same. A research looking at 22 of the most popular such drinks among young adults has concluded that acidity is twice as high in sports and energy drinks which is a nightmare for the enamel in teeth. This in return leads to tooth decay.

When the immune system turns against the body

A landmark study has made a connection no one really thought about before: the immune system plays a role in cavities. When protecting the body against bacteria and other invaders, specific immune cells known as neutrophils are activated to help, creating a knock on effect that leads to damage to cavities and fillings.

“This study is the first of its kind and an amazing discovery in our field. It has the potential to help us better understand the tooth decay process and what we can do to better treat it and prevent it.” concluded the spokesperson.

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