Creative Biolabs Offers Computer-aided Affinity Maturation Service Based on PreciAb™ Platform

New York, US–May 21, 2019 Creative Biolabs is working on strategies optimization of Computer-aided Affinity Maturation based upon its newly released product PreciAb™ Platform with antibody structure determination.


As the name implies, affinity maturation means the process to operate variable region of an antibody to improve antibody potency. It is crucial for improving drug efficacy, amplifying dissociation half-times, expanding detection limits, reducing drug dosages through the High-Affinity Binding. Creative Biolabs has released a comprehensive and advanced computer-aided PreciAb™ Platform, equipped with the cutting-edge techniques so as to produce antibodies with specialized structure and functions.


Antibody, widely applied and utilized in the diagnosis of various kinds of diseases, is produced by the B lymphocytes to shield from pathogens and foreign macromolecules. To optimize the process of antibody formation, scientists from Creative Biolabs have built up various antibody platforms. The PreciAb™ Platform is one equipped with wholesome technologies and proprietary algorithms designed for further optimizing therapy application, one that will create antibody mutants with improvement in affinity of over two orders of magnitude. In the latest introduced antibody platforms, there are systematical steps of antibody development, and refined antibody structure that is important to antibody molecular design and engineering can be accessible in the molecular design process.


In the process of antibody structure determination settling the three-dimensional atomic coordinates of a molecule or biomolecule, there are several common methods utilized in Creative Biolabs’ labs, X-Ray Crystallography, NMR Spectroscopy and Cryo-electron Microscopy.

1. The most preliminary method adopted to get molecular structure is through the scattering of electrons by X-rays to obtain the distribution of electron density in the crystal, and then acquire information about the position of the atom and the chemical bond.

2. NMR Spectroscopy is nowadays an essential substitute of X-Ray Crystallography because it not just simply keeps the protein structures being determined in close physiological state (even in solution), but still provides the biologists chances to establish events or processes which cannot readily be seen or quantified by X-ray crystallography.

3. Cryo-electron Microscopy is gaining popularity in area of antibody structure determination, specifically for macro-molecular complexes. Cryo-electron Microscopy is nowadays utilized generally as the main technique for its fast readout speed and direct electron detectors.


The techniques of Computer-aided Affinity Maturation Strategies are improved as year goes by. Creative Biolabs can assist and design new antibodies with the desired therapeutic properties, which as the pioneering feature, deserve the rightful status. For detailed information, please visit


About the company

As a leading bio-tech company, Creative Biolabs bends efforts for antibody engineering in all fields, covering research, diagnosis, and therapy. Designing and engineering novel antibodies with desired therapeutic properties is now available based upon the comprehensive PreciAb™ platform, through customizing the service according to the specific requirements from the customers. Moreover, designing and engineering novel antibodies with desired therapeutic properties have become available with the help of comprehensive structure determination services.

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