Lumen FX Launches New Permanent LED Holiday Lighting

Lumen FX Launches New Permanent LED Holiday Lighting

“Lumen FX – permanent LED holiday lighting”
Lumen FX introduces an innovative permanent LED holiday lighting solution that can change the way people light their homes and businesses.

Lumen FX, the smart lighting company known for its innovative lighting products and specialized design services, has announced the launch of permanent LED Christmas lights. The innovatively designed LED holiday lighting can make homes and commercial establishments look stunningly attractive not only during Christmas but all year round.

“We are happy to announce the launch of our newest LED holiday lighting that can light up homes and businesses permanently,” says the spokesperson for Lumen FX. “The permanent LED lighting can be used to decorate the exterior of homes and commercial outlets on Christmas and other important occasions. We also provide the support and resources for all your lighting needs.”

Customers can enjoy year round Christmas lights by using Lumen FX permanent LED lighting solution. These are color changing lights designed to make it easy for customers to celebrate any event or holiday with a grand display of stunning lighting arrangements.

Lumen FX is a reputed exterior lighting company with a reputation for providing customized lighting for homes and commercial establishments of all types and sizes. The company has decades of experience in providing clients with permanent LED lighting that meet their decoration requirements precisely and that are also within their budget.

Customers looking for the best permanently installed Christmas lights can rely on Lumen FX to deliver the kind of lighting solution they are looking for. Their color changing LED roofline lighting is extremely popular and is in great demand right through the year.

Lumen FX permanent LED holiday lighting makes it easy for residents to light up their homes for all special occasions and not just for Christmas. The innovative and permanent LED holiday lighting takes away the hassle and effort of having to put up and remove the lights and store them securely and properly for future use.

The company has created a truly innovative lighting system with its color changing lights. It can be fixed permanently and is a fully programmable lighting system that can be installed onto the eaves of any home. The lights and wires can be encased in a track that matches the home exterior color thus keeping the system discreet and inconspicuous.

Customers can choose from a whopping 16 million colors or can apply their innovative ideas to create different color schemes and patterns using this LED lighting system.

The best thing about Lumen FX LED lights is that they stay up all year round. Home owners can make every holiday and occasion a special event with the flick of a button.

About Lumen FX

Lumen FX is a leading and reputed provider of innovative permanent LED lighting. Their latest product, the permanent LED lighting system can be fitted permanently to home and office exteriors as they remain invisible during the day. The lighting can be customized for any event or occasion and is controlled by an app. The lights are also energy-efficient as they are made of low-voltage LED.

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