Author says The Real Messiah Coming This Generation

Rochester, New York –SoRichIam Media reports author LeTicia Lee claims she had several “divine encounters” with the man known as The Messiah to some and Moshiach to others. Lee says, “Regardless of what you call Him, it’s not who most people think. But He is definitely coming during this generation and most people are not ready.”

The author of My Love is One (What I Learned from the Messiah about Love, Family, Climate Change & The Second Coming) says the erratic weather is a clear indication that there is more going on than science can explain. But there is an explanation. There’s a lot going on “behind the scenes” to prepare for what will eventually be revealed. SoRichIam Media says they are currently producing a 4 part “rock-u-series” as a movie on demand that explains much of what was not included in the book, My Love is One.

Lee says the Messiah told His people that before that day (of His arrival), all who would be helped needed to be properly connected and they are not. He has reclaimed the territory (earth) but they have not reclaimed Him. Because the world has been in an era of darkness, they don’t know who He really is and therefore they’ve mostly been deceived.

LeTicia Lee further says she doesn’t know why He chose her to tell it. But the parable within The Book of Jonah in the Bible was shared with her which may explain His reasons. The parable is also explained in the book, My Love is One. She says, “It’s not “Game of Thrones”, “The Black Panther”, or “The Avengers”, but many people will wonder if art is imitating life.”

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