Easy Success Tools Help Students and Grads Excel in Uncertain Times

Rochester, New York – Privately owned publisher, SoRichIam Media says it has prepared an easy success package for students and new grads to “fill in the gap” where practical education may have failed them. They call them success tools that work in uncertain times.  Students, drop-outs,  and new grads can use these tools for a lifetime.

The publisher says many public schools are simply out-dated and fail to prepare students in fast changing times. Many college students have an unnecessary sense of hopelessness and thus are not graduating within the expected four year time frame. 

The indie publisher believes many students put on the brakes when they realize they’ve chosen a major that doesn’t suit who they are (becoming).  And some students are choosing not to attend college as they can’t decide on a major. Others are choosing a gap year while they figure it out. However, most of them do realize that the right education is an important factor in having a successful future even if they can’t afford it right now.

The publishers say that indecision at their stage in life is normal and healthy. Millennials are simply being honest and authentic. Many students don’t want to waste time completing something that doesn’t fit them. So the publisher now offers a practical package that does fit.

They say young people entering the working world need three things:

  • Purpose. 
  • Financial literacy.
  • Faith. 

SoRichIam Media says they can help with all three. 

Your #1 Brand is You! shows them how to discover their purpose. The Answer Key teaches them easy financial literacy and provides a long term wealth plan they can begin applying immediately when the start work. My Love is One and the publisher’s  selection of introspective journals help develop their faith to help overcome life’s obstacles which are sure to come. 

Books and companion DVDs are sold separately on their main website at www.SoRichIam.com. Discounts are available for book clubs, youth  programs, and class rooms with a purchase of 15 units or more. Use coupon code LULU10 at checkout for an additional 10% savings  through May 23.                       

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/JK6ifiZ925k

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