China honor, Shenzhen Yushangfang was invited to attend the premiere of Golden Palm in Cannes

On May 15, local time, Shenzhen Royal Shangfang Cosmetics Company, a representative of Chinese stars, was invited by the organizers to attend the Golden Palm premiere and official celebration party as designated sponsor of the film “Barclays” during the Cannes Film Festival.

This time, Shenzhen Yushangfang Cosmetics Company, as a special guest of Eurasian International Association for Cultural and Art Exchange, was invited to attend the premiere ceremony of Cannes Film Festival. Film, art, culture and enterprise are inseparable. Film needs artistic connotation and enterprise support. Star enterprises also need the exaggeration of cultural core and artistic elements. Only by this organic combination can movies or enterprises have a vivid vitality! This vitality is also reflected in business leaders and their teams. Vivid image and bright enterprise vitality blossom in the international arena, and become the focus of domestic and foreign media pursuit. “Chinese face! China Yan! “For a while, it has become a hot topic at home and abroad.

Speaking about the original intention of the trip to Cannes, Ms. Han, the leader of Shenzhen Yushangfang Cosmetics Company, said that she had always liked the artistic connotation of the film, sponsored the Golden Palm films of the 72nd Cannes Film Festival, and hoped that the Chinese native national brands could truly enter the international arena through similar international events, so that more foreigners could understand the corporate culture of China today. China’s young entrepreneurs.

For some questioning voices on the Internet, Ms. Han said that the inferiority complex of some people in China is strange and undeniable. At present, a very small number of people with low national quality go abroad to do some inappropriate acts and humiliate their families. But not all the Chinese people who attend the International Festival just come to visit! Some of the arguments are very strange, that the Chinese people can not be impartially invited to participate in international grand gatherings, people go to the heat, foreigners go is normal. It can only be said that these people’s servile mentality is somewhat dark and inferior! As the original brand of 21 years in China, there is no need or need to touch anyone’s enthusiasm. Hard core product strength is the greatest heat of development! Hopefully, people who care about her can focus on the film she sponsors and the company she works for.

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Twilight in heaven,

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