“Global DevOps Development Forum” was held at Santa Clara, California, USA, by DAOPS Foundation

On 13 May 2019, “Global DevOps Development Forum” was held at Santa Clara, California, USA, by DAOPS Foundation. This meetup was hosted by Jeff Liu, a DevOps expert from Google, and attended by DevOps experts from Tencent, JFrog and JD.

The topics of this meeting include: the history of DevOps and the introduction of DevOps capability maturity model. Jeff Liu, the host, shared the theme of DevOps’ development and current situation: Before DevOps’ reform, the lack of communication between development and operation teams always made it difficult to solve problems when they happened.

Since 2007, a movement on the combination of development and IT operations  has sprung up in Europe, and people are increasingly aware of the importance of combining the two. With the development of the movement, the scope of this concept is also expanding. It is no longer simply the communication between developers and IT operations personnel. It has been extended to the entire development lifecycle, from the beginning of the process to the automation through deploying solutions in incremental build systems. Another term has come into being “continuous delivery”, which has taken its place, especially for dynamic applications deployed on the Internet. DevOps capability has become the focus of many enterprises’ transformation. We need to continue to move forward in the repeated failures and find out the suitable transformation path for ourselves.

During the meeting, Jeff Liu invited experts from Jfrog shared the understanding of DevOps and expectations for the future.

Free Talk

At the same time, the meeting was also the opening ceremony of DAOPS Foundation. Jeff Liu and Kohsuke Kawaguch attended the meeting as Governing board members of DAOPS Foundation. Another member of the board, Alan Shimel, the chief editor of devops.com, was unable to reach the scene for personal reasons, but still sent the founding blessing to DAOPS Foundation by video recording, and as partners in future course development of DAOPS Foundation, Jayne Groll, CEO of DevOps Institute, also sent her founding wishes.

About DAOPS Foundation

As an international organization, DAOPS Foundation hopes to gather experts from home and abroad to work together to improve the IT engineering efficiency (R&D efficiency) of enterprises in different industries around the world and to assist enterprises transformation, this is also called ASEM, Advanced Software Engineering Model, which based and not only DevOps framework. It’s DAOPS Foundation which introduces ASEM.

Task of DAOPS Foundation in the future:

  1. International DevOps Capability Maturity Model and ASEM output
  2. Open Source Product Promote
  3. GNSEC-Global Next Software Engineering Conference
  4. Lesson based on DevOps Capability Maturity Model and ASEM
  5. Enterprise DevOps Promotion Program
  6. Technical Publication

DAOPS Foundation coming conference:

  1. Participate in Cloud Expo-Hong Kong in May 2019
  2. GNSEC Taipei Station in June 2019

DAOPS Foundation is currently inviting co-founders and individuals. If you love DevOps or AIOps and are enthusiastic about the future development of DevOps and AIOps, we sincerely invite you to join our team to contribute to the future development of DevOps and AIOps.

Any question please contact:

E-mail: info@daops.org

Twitter: DAOPSFoundation

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