Ubecoin Connecting Merchants And Consumers On Blockchain

Ubecoin Connecting Merchants And Consumers On Blockchain

The global e-commerce market is estimated to reach $135 billion by 2023. With the growth of the e-commerce industry, problems in the industry are steeply rising as the large companies have taken over 50% of the market share. The time calls for an imminent adoption and implementation of blockchain technology in the e-commerce industry. The disruptive technology has a lot to offer, from eliminating intermediaries, reducing complexities to streamlining of operations,  blockchain is set to revolutionize the industry.

UBE Ltd has developed a hybrid cryptographic digital coin “Ubecoin” as a medium of exchange between merchants and consumers. Ube Ltd has developed a user-friendly platform for the e-commerce and entertainment industries. Providing an easy access to the merchants and consumers into the Ubecoin ecosystem, the aim is to establish a new crypto barter system.

Based on the blockchain technology, Ubecoin facilitates instantaneous transactions globally with zero cash fees, no delays or intermediation by financial Institutions and reduced infrastructure costs.

Ube Ltd has developed globally with companies such as Cash on Referral, Probability Gaming, Ad Drivers, RISKU Pty Ltd, Find Us On Web, RapidID and Telco, to provide liquidity for Ubecoin.

Their mission is to give power back to the merchants by disrupting the traditional barter model and transforming it into a decentralized subscription model for the community. To achieve the mission, Ube Ltd is working a 3-phase approach, namely, Free Trade Barter, Online Entertainment and Fintech & Telco, respectively.

Free Trade Barter

The free trade barter platform provides merchants with a global business directory of other merchants who accept payments in Ubecoin. The platform is a subscription based advertising model with a zero cash transaction fees enabling merchants to grow their business. Further, it offers a list of 5,000 merchants for free with the benefits of search function based on enhanced geolocation and direct interaction.

Online Entertainment

Ube Ltd. has partnered with gaming companies from the online entertainment sector to provide an avenue for gamers to spend their winnings. Unlike traditional gaming websites, the Ube ecosystem  provides gamers instant transactions using the FTB platform. Merchants also gain access to consumers from the online entertainment sector, that otherwise may not be accessible for them.

Fintech & Telco

For the 3rd phase, Ube Ltd. has established a partnership with Apexx Fintech to integrate Ubecoin with their business products. WIth this integration, Ubecoin can benefit from the wide variety of international payment methods and reduced costs. It further plans to build mobile media wallets for targeted consumer advertising by targeting the telecommunications industry.

Empowering merchants and consumers through a new age barter platform is a remarkable concept developed by Ube Ltd. Ubecoin provides the merchants a medium to perform a complete sales cycle through the exchange of crypto currency for fiat currency on listed exchanges. A new sales channel with zero cash transactions is an opportunity every business can leverage by connecting with Ube Ltd.

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