MGC TOKEN India Charity Party promotes the development of philanthropy worldwide

On the evening of May 19, 2019, BG-MF held the charity party in India in cooperation with MGC TOKEN.

Mr. John Morris, the core leader of BG-MF, Mr. Michael Mein, the vice director of GB-MF Charity Center, the core leaders and members of MGC TOKEN as well as the people dedicated to philanthropy worldwide were invited to the party.

In the opening of the party, Mr. John Morris, Mr. Michael Mein and the core leaders of MGC TOKEN expressed their ideas on blockchain and philanthropy.

After the opening of the party, members and guests appreciated songs and dances while enjoying food.

The first round of auction started after the songs and dances. Michael Mein serves as the auction guest.

The completion of the first round of auction was followed by songs and dances.

In the second round of auction, John Morris served as the auction guest, who submitted GBP 500,000 cheque acquired through auctioning to Michael Mein after the completion of the auction. Michael Mein declared that BG-MF Charity Center would include the capital into blockchain so that the orientation of the fund would be known by all publicly and transparently. Michael also said that BG-MF would value the trust of donators, still work on public welfare establishments with full efforts and welcome all those that are dedicated to charity worldwide.

In lucky draw after the completion of auction, BG-MF and MGC TOKEN prepared diversified and abundant gifts for the party members and guests in order to give them feedbacks and motivate them to concentrate on public welfare establishments continuously. John Morris drew the lottery on site; presented the prize for and take photos with the lucky members on the stage.

The charity party proves to be successful. It will motivate BG-MF and MGC TOKEN to still put their heart and soul into public welfare establishments. This also means a significant step for MGC TOKEN. MGC TOKEN will make remarkable achievements in more aspects in the future.

A total of £500,000 was raised that night, and Mr. John Morris handed a $500,000 check to Mr. Michael Mein. The remaining funds were already used to purchase food and daily necessities. The funds raised this time will be written into the blockchain. The fundraiser can clearly see where the money is going.

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