Another Global Market Layout, ETRADE Officially Announced Entry into the Korean Market

Sources said that Daniel Rod, chairman of the well-known blockchain entertainment ecosystem — ETRADE Foundation, announced to the media when he went to Korea to attend the Asian Leadership Conference held on the 15th. ETRADE was launched on May 9th, 2019. Version and officially entered the Korean market.

Daniel said: “This is a historic moment. South Korea has a very good blockchain atmosphere and industry talents. Our entry into the Korean market will help ETRADE expand its market space. In addition, high-quality Korean local projects can be introduced into the ETRADE ecosystem.” As we all know, South Korea has many very good companies in the fields of culture and entertainment, e-sports and so on. This is in line with ETRADE’s positioning of “blocking the entertainment ecosystem as the starting point and creating a smart ecological environment”. At present, the ETRADE ecosystem already includes the sports quiz dApp, which supports the real-time synchronization of information on the world’s first-line football, basketball, and e-sports sports events to the blockchain. This not only ensures the security and reliability of the data, but also allows more people to participate in the dApp, increasing the participation and entertainment of the game.

In addition to South Korea, ETRADE has entered 11 countries including Thailand, Malaysia and Australia, and the number of users worldwide has exceeded 30,000. “This is just the beginning, with the increasing use of ETRADE. ETRADE will become the next phenomenal blockchain ecosystem with a high-viscosity blockchain game ecosystem combined with a broad user community.” Daniel emphasized that “we have very rich industry resources. Currently, in Asia alone, ETRADE has reached consensus with more than 100 local media and investment institutions. Everyone will work together to promote the future development of ETRADE.”

The guests attending the summit also have experts and representatives from the blockchain and financial technology fields around the world. Daniel said that he will discuss it with everyone and deepen cooperation. And contribute to the real landing and application of the blockchain industry. 

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