Welcome to the Next Generation of Crosswords – Where Anything Goes

“Crosswords as a complete entertainment vehicle is the new thing, thanks to Timothy Parker.”

Welcome to the next generation of crosswords! After more than a century of entertaining, educating and spreading good vibes around the world, the good, old-fashioned crossword has finally reached the digital age. The next generation of crosswords has been created by ‘Quiz Whiz’ and Guinness World Records puzzle master Timothy Parker.

So how is the new crossword different from the old one? In every respect, as for the first time crosswords have features such as live commentary, progress bars, pulsing place indicators, hidden riddles, selective tournament play and more. Plus, Timothy is introducing 10 different crossword types for ages 8 to 108, including trivia crosswords, Puntastics for those who love puns, sports and music crosswords, the ‘famous’ crossword, Nostalgic puzzles for the older solvers and ahis class Family Time puzzles for kids and adults to do together.

It was Timothy Parker who created the first interactive syndicated crossword in 1996. Timothy has now combined crosswords with TV shows and offers puzzles with video, graphics, text messages and audio. He is actively collecting a host of celebrities for “cameo” appearances in his puzzles.

Crosswords have survived for over a century and are now in the digital age. My new crossword comes with the tagline, ‘anything goes’, and it is truly so. You will never feel bored with the new crossword as it comes with instant feedback, comedy, puns, interesting facts, all while you solve,” says Parker.

The new crossword is available for immediate play at www.timothyparkercrosswords.com  

Another exciting thing about the new crossword is that, unlike in the past, publishers can actually earn from adding the crossword. Timothy’s new game syndicate offers the game for free to websites and newspapers and pays royalties to all sites when players upgrade from the free daily to the more amazing 4,000 puzzles a year package, which includes 10 different crossword varieties and daily bonus printable puzzles including extra crosswords, Sudoku, trivia, word search and other games. Parker gives websites their own passwords to check their sales at any time.

Parker has secured affiliate deals with heavyweights like Amazon and Best Buys to offer prizes and discounts in Parker’s various crossword tournaments. In the past, he has created crosswords and puzzles for over 1,400 international clients, with names such as USA Today, Nike, Arthritis Foundation, Disney, Sony, Coca-Cola, Comcast Cable, Warner Bros., and Microsoft, to name a few.

For clients, Timothy Parker offers some attractive features to make hosting sites truly benefit from featuring the games. The webmaster can set up the puzzles in just five minutes, and player remain on the site while solving the game. When players upgrade to an unlimited package, the site owner earns a handsome commission. All tech support is provided 24/7.

We are offering the best crossword experience on the planet, and not only that, we also allow you to get paid for hosting it, even on your Facebook page. It couldn’t get better than that,” says Parker.

To sign up instantly and start participating in Timothy Parker’s next generation of crosswords and puzzles, send an email to: support@timothyparkercrosswords.com

For more information, visit: www.TimothyParkerCrosswords.com

About Timothy Parker

Timothy Parker is a Guinness World Records puzzle master and the most solved American crossword constructor. He founded the Universal Crossword and ran it for 21 years before forming his own puzzle syndicate. He has served puzzles for hundreds of clients including Disney, USA Today, Microsoft, Comcast, ABC, CNN, Boston Globe, Disney, the Smithsonian Institute, Warner Bros., and Comcast.

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