Val McLeod announces, \’VETS Lives Matter\’ and \’March for Our Vets 2020\’

Val McLeod announces, \\\'VETS Lives Matter\\\' and \\\'March for Our Vets 2020\\\'

Memorial Day 2019 calls for urgent attention and immediate action. On the average, every day, 20 Veterans end their lives by suicide; some even doing so at Veteran Administration (VA) facilities. These brave patriots deserve a far better proposition of life and demonstration of our CARECommitment, Accountability, Respect, Engagement.

Particularly, those who suffer from the distresses and sometimes debilitating effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), veterans are too frequently treated as if they are invisible. This personally resonates with Val, who as a child formed the habit of thinking herself to be invisible to avoid ridicule.

Val McLeod has been through her share of pain from public distain. Once tipping the scales at over 600 pounds, while attending a conference she slipped and fell in a hotel lobby. Rude, condescending and crude jokes made by fire rescue workers humiliated Val so badly that she was too embarrassed to get on the stretcher and instead, chose to [with a broken ankle] walk to the ambulance and into the Emergency Room. Through hard work and struggle, Val got rid of more than half her body size, a near impossible feat, and now devotes her life to encouraging others to transform their lives.

Val is now translating her life experiences into positive social change by launching two initiatives, VETS Lives Matter and March for Our VETS 2020. Using the power, principles and perseverance of her personal battle with morbid obesity, Val stands as a beacon of hope for courageous Warriors.

At the press conference, Val and ‘VAL U Life More’ corporate partners from around the country, will make support presentations to local veteran services organizations. e.g. Genesis JOY House, Georgia’s first transitional living facility for homeless female veterans.

The press conference will also serve as the starting point for ‘March for Our Vets 2020’ which is slated to be the largest march in US history will honor Veterans, our greatest national treasure. In unified solidarity, arm-in-arm and heart-to-heart, Americans from around this great nation will march up Pennsylvania Avenue – because Vets Lives Matter!

About Val McLeod  

Val has been featured in PEOPLE Magazine and on ABC’s Good Morning America for her achievements. The Founder & CEO of VAL U Life More, LLC, inspired and personally mentored by Dr. Maya Angelou, today, Val McLeod is an accomplished leader, published author, award-winning speaker, management consultant, and sought-after corporate brand partner. She shares her wealth of wisdom and depth of life experience to ignite and increase personal and organizational value. Val looks for every opportunity to offer power-filled perspectives, processes, programs and products that create added ‘V’alue, ‘A’bundance and ‘L’ove. Among her most noble accomplishments, Val is one of the few Level 2 Kingian Nonviolence Certified Trainer/Facilitator/Practitioners in the world.

What Others Are Saying About Val U Life More’s Vet Lives Matter Campaign

“Wow! I know one thing, if Val is involved, it’s full of love, determination, dedication and authenticity. So, whomever is at the receiving end of her work will be helped and blessed beyond their imagination.” – Lt. (R) Deborah Byars, Miami Dade County Corrections & Rehabilitation

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