Combat Divas Podcast Helping Female Soldiers Deal with Issues and Challenges in Their Lives

Women in every work of life have peculiar challenges. For women in uniforms, there is a place where they can learn, get educated, and find solutions to some of the issues they face every day of their lives.

Combat Divas Podcast is a podcast program, available on iTunes and other platforms, and hosted by two veteran Combat divas. They discuss different issues and have conversation on war, motherhood, lifestyle, and family, in a fun and interesting way.

Listening to these intelligent and realistic women is a blessing for the millions of combat divas who need to learn from others with experience.

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Combat Divas is a podcast every female soldier should listen to. They talk about important issues combat divas can relate to with the hope of helping people find solutions to their challenges.

Tonnisha B and TG, the hosts of the show are two very intelligent, experienced, and humorous co-hosts who engage in interesting conversations about their experience in the army. These veterans have gone to missions in Afghanistan, Iraq, and now they are using their experience to help other women deal with their day to day issues.

Listeners will learn a lot from them as they talk about sex, family, relationships, health issues, and how they were about to deal with it and survived. It’s a conversation that is funny, yet full of life lessons and practical solutions that has an impact on the life of female soldiers who are now in active duty. Each episode has something special to offer the listener, with valuable practical lessons.

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