Zenmarkt® Announces the Launch of Their New Products: Stretch Band and Stretch Strap with Door Anchor

May 22, 2019 – Zenmarkt®, a company that specializes in manufacturing new products for young ballerinas, has recently announced its new products launch. The products are Stretch Band for Ballet, Dance, Gymnastics and Stretch Strap with Door Anchor.

Many dancers/artists are always looking for the best product that meet their needs. Zenmarkt®, as a brand that takes customers’ needs very seriously, always ensure that they listen to the yearnings of their target market and come up with innovative products that caters to their needs. Unlike most sports company that manufacture what they think would sell, Zenmarkt® focuses on aligning market demand with consumers’ needs. They design each product with the customers in mind.

The newly launched product, Zenmarkt® Stretch Band for Ballet, Dance, Gymnastics, is a fitness stretching band for all athletes, cheerleaders or ballet dancers who want to enhance their flexibility. The lightweight stretch band will help them stretch their legs or arms and boost their muscle strength. The stretch band can be carried along to the studio, used at home or taken on vacation and dancers can work out on-the-go! It’s easy to carry and comes with its own elegant carry pouch.

The flexibility band will offer firm resistance and enable them to even combine it with other equipment for a total body workout. Why designing this product, Zenmarkt® collaborated with experienced ballerinas and fitness experts and produce this sturdy, practical and ergonomic stretch band. Each Zenmarkt® Stretch Band is rigorously tested to ensure its superior-quality and durability. Be rest assured that your ballet stretch band will not only enhance your body’s elasticity, but also last for years to come.

Zenmarkt® Stretch Band for Ballet, Dance, Gymnastics

The second product that has just been released by the company is the Zenmarkt® Stretch Strap with Door Anchor. The product is ideal for those into Dancing, Ballet, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Taekwondo, MMA, or any other sport, and it is designed to help them get a better stretch. Zenmarkt® Stretch Strap with Door Anchor is a portable leg stretcher that can be easily used anywhere. All that is required is a sturdy door – simply hang it on the door and start exercising using the instructions that follows for best results. This stretch strap is endorsed by professional ballerinas, dancers and gymnasts and is proven to increase leg stretching and range of motion, gaining strength and control over motion.

Zenmarkt® Stretch Strap with Door Anchor

The products are currently available for order on Zenmarkt website. You can get more information about each product or order directly via these links: Zenmarkt® Stretch Band or is Zenmarkt® Stretch Strap with Door Anchor.

About Zenmarkt

Zenmarkt® was born from the company founder’s passion for sports, training, and an overall active lifestyle. The company started in 2017 and they pride themselves with the highest quality products and customer service. Zenmarkt®’s mission is to make all athletes better through passion, design and the relentless pursuit of innovation. Their products are designed to help young ballerinas train longer, eliminate pain and prevent injuries.

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