New animated series aims to achieve World peace with an intriguing storyline and strong characters

With the world constantly slipping into a void of darkness and despair, the need for media that is driven by content that is centered around the concept of building a better global community is becoming prominent. Such content needs to be specifically targeted towards younger audiences so that they may grow up to be adults who acknowledge the problems in modern societies and easily identify the routes to be taken for working towards betterment. Keeping these modern demands in mind, Katina Marshell Cotton-Sliwa, a multi-talented artist, writer, athlete and jeans designer, has ventured into the world of animation and has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the first installment of her animation series titled Krushia. The funding goal for the project has been set at $15000.

Krushia is an animated series that is based on the concept of time travel through different imaginary time-space realities. The main focus of the series is to spread the message of inclusion. The creator aims to create a vision for a better world, irrespective of global diversity. The goal is to help people achieve the reality they desire and dream of by adopting an approach that is beyond the general stereotypes set by social structures such as race, gender and cultures. Through Krushia, Katina brings together the core values that reflect her background of diverse experiences. The audiences are encouraged to bring to use their individual talents and abilities and create a better world.

Eventually, Krushia, the character, will be taken up as the face of a unity event called We R 1- named after Katina’s first written creation. The event will be an extravagant affair which will involve a horse show and intriguing musical storytelling. The message of the event will resonate with the message being spread by the series. The creators ultimately strive to spread the message of peace and intercultural unity to form a world that is strengthened and not weakened by its beautiful diversity. A book series on the time travel adventures of Krushia and her friends is also under development. The book series will be offered to financial supporters as a gift form the creators. The animated series is essentially relevant to the conditions faced by modern societies even though the story is projected against the backdrop of imaginary worlds and characters.

To help develop Krushia into an animated series and to find out more about the perks available for supporters, visit the official Kickstarter campaign page.

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