Tooth Extraction Services Performed in Cary, NC

Tooth Extraction Services Performed in Cary, NC

Do you fear going to the dentist? You are not the only one. Thousands of people are scared of the dentist. It is understandable; sitting in the dentist’s office, getting your teeth worked on is uncomfortable and leaves you with a feeling of being out of control of your body. 

Yes, having someone using tools in your mouth can be uncomfortable. Nonetheless, we all need to visit the dentist, especially when we feel pain and may need a tooth extraction. So, what can you do to get over your fear the dentist and make an appointment where you can get that painful tooth extracted? You might want to start by visiting and learning more about a dental professional who specializes in dental anxiety. 

Whatever you do though, you need to address your dental pain and find a dentist who can help with the tooth extraction process you need. So, it is important you understand that you are not alone. Statistics show that about 10% of the population is so afraid of the dentist that they simply avoid going. But this is not the answer, it just causes more issues and more severe dental problems. In fact, not going to the dentist can even cause heart attacks, other health issues, and in severe cases – death. The best solution is to deal with your anxiety. You need to be able to go to the dentist and have that tooth fixed or extracted. 

Admit that You Have A Problem

Dr. Elizabeth E. Rushin, DDS, a dental expert we often consult with says, “The best way to get over a very strong fear is to admit there is a problem. People who don’t admit they have a fear of the dentist often mask the fear by making excuses.” So, stop making excuses. Don’t complain about the cost, about the dentist about not having enough time to go. Like anything else, you need to admit there is a problem before you can fix it. Think about your fear and try to pinpoint where it started. Does it come from a fear of needles? Do you hurt when you are in the dental chair? These are things you need to think about and decide on where the real fear comes from. When you find the origin of the fear you can face it and understand that this is what drives you to make excuses. 

Look for A Good Dentist

Your fear might stem from a bad experience you once had at the dentist, so look for a good dentist in your area. In fact, you can look for a dentist that specializes in overcoming dental fear. They do exist. Read reviews and focus on dentists who handle people with dental anxiety. Study and view site by clicking on the About Us page and viewing a dentist’s experience with anxious and nervous patients. 

Maintain Control

Be sure the dentist knows you have a control problem and feel a total loss of control while in the dental chair. A dentist who understands anxiety will explain what is happening and will ask your permission before he starts a task. You can also agree to a method of communication – nonverbal signals can tell your dentist when you feel discomfort or when you need to do something to stop the fear. 

Bottom Line 

If you still feel uncomfortable with going to the dentist. You can do a couple of other things. You might want to bring someone that will ensure you make it to the appointment and sit with you during the exam. Remember, overcoming your fear of the dentist is much easier than dealing with constant pain, gingivitis and bacterial infections that occur from dealing with a tooth that needs to be extracted.

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