Skinny Crisps Launches Kickstarter to Meet the Consumer’s Growing Demands

As People Around the Nation Fall More In Love With This Healthy Tasty Snack

Boulder, CO – Feb 23, 2015 – Skinny Crisps, an independently owned company out of Boulder, CO, has announced their plans to increase production to meet the overwhelming increase in demands. They launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $37,000 to purchase a multi-head packaging machine. The goal must be reached by March 6th for the campaign to be successfully funded.

Finding a great tasting snack that is healthy can be a hard thing. There are some out there, but other products are made with fillers and sugar and have a higher fat and carbohydrate content. That is why creators of the Skinny Crisps, Cheryl Katten and Myrna Mirow, developed a gourmet low-carb option that tastes great and is affordable for every household to enjoy. The crackers are gluten-free and are made with real quality ingredients. There are eight delicious flavors, which are on the shelves of prominent food chains such as Whole Foods and small town natural food stores around the nation.

The nutritious snack company has grown so much since it was first thought of in Myrna’s kitchen over five years ago. Skinny Crisps has had steady growth of at least 25% per year. They are on their way to breaking the million-dollar mark in gross sales. However, as Skinny Crisps needs help keeping up with the increasing demands. This is why they need assistance to purchase a new multi-head packaging machine. The machine will help efficiently package all eight flavors, while cutting production cost. It will also extend the products shelf life and keep it cost-effective.

Now they need help from supporters. Those who appreciate organic and tasty snacks can make a contribution at their Kickstarter campaign by clicking here. To show appreciation for the support, backers will receive free Skinny Crisps snacks. They can choose which flavors they want when making the donation.

For those who cannot give monetary funds, but wish to help can share this on Facebook and Twitter. The more awareness of this campaign the better! This is an “all-or-nothing” deal, so if they do not reach the goal then it could be years before the project can move forward. 

Media Contact
Company Name: Skinny Crisps Inc
Contact Person: Myrna Mirow
Phone: 303-449-9910
Country: United States