Pick-Ups Plus, Inc. (OTC: PUPS) New Business Model and New Management Possibility

Pick-Ups Plus, Inc. (OTC: PUPS) New Business Model and New Management Possibility

Miami, FL – May 22, 2019 – An elite wall street independent small cap media group with a history of bringing lucrative opportunities, Reports on Pick-Ups Plus, Inc. (OTC: PUPS)

Share Structure

Pick-Ups Plus, Inc. share structure was updated on May 17, 2019 via The Transfer Agent Verified Shares Program through the otcmarkets.

The Transfer Agent Verified Shares Program provides investors current and reliable share data. The program enables stock transfer agents to report their clients’ share data, including authorized and outstanding shares, to OTC Markets Group on a regular basis via a secure, electronic file transfer. Share data provided by transfer agents is displayed on www.otcmarkets.com alongside a “Verified” logo, indicating the information is reliable and trustworthy. This data is also disseminated through OTC Markets Group’s market data feeds to investors and broker-dealers.

Source https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/PUPS/security

Why Is A New Business Model and New Management A Possibility?

The recent share structure update shows that PUPS has only an AS of 250,000,000 million and OS of 195,807,900 million. The company (PUPS) has now become a major target for private entities looking for a vehicle to go public. PUPS will attract many private entities, in most cases those entities looking for a vehicle to go public already, have a solid business model and management team. PUPS is currently dark with no business model but that can rapidly change the moment an entity takes over.

PUPS Near 52W Low

This undervalued stock near 52W low should be in everyone’s watchlist. PUPS’s current share structure is the following: AS 250,000,000 OS 195,807,900. The market cap at the time of writing was $176,227. The current share price is $0.0011.

Chart Technicians Predictions

PUPS main support is at .0008, Key pivot breaks will be .0015 and 0020. If the stock breaks above .0020 it could potentially test .0030+.

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