Global Mid-IR Sensors Market Share is projected to reach $109.9 Billion By 2025 – Radiant Insights, Inc

The worldwide mid-IR sensor market at $9.7 billion in 2018 is projected to reach $109.9 billion by 2025. Units sales at 611 million sensors in 2018 are anticipated to reach 10.7 billion sensors worldwide by 2025.

The vendors in the Mid-IR Sensors industry have invested in high-quality technology and processes to develop leading edge Internet of Things capability.  Sensors are being implemented in a wide variety of applications by each vendor so as to permit benefit from first mover advantage in the market.  

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Mid-wave infrared (mid-IR) is the spectral region where most of the fundamental structural information is produced.  Measurements in that region can provide useful information from outside the visual spectrum.  Mid-IR sensors bring the ability to sense temperature, distance, presence, motion and texture.  This extension of the human senses, in combination with digital systems promises a revolution in improved control of everything people use and touch.  

Mid IR sensors are the base of the Internet of Things initiatives, they form the building blocks for all different types of imaging and controls.  Drones, robots, industrial robots, machines, cameras, buildings, fire departments, traffic lights, traffic control, the military, the border patrol, law enforcement, healthcare, asthma treatment, virtually everyone will increasingly use mid IR sensors.  

Mid-IR sensor manufacture promises to change everything.  More visibility, more awareness permits greater and more granular control of action in the military.  In industry, more process can be automated.  It supports more independent and safer cars.  It permits electric cars to replace gasoline engine cars by 2025.  Mid-IR Sensors leverage new technology to achieve better cost benefit ratios.  Laboratory bench measuring systems can be miniaturized and move to the field.    

Mid-IR sensors impact every industry, driving significant change.  For example, Wintergreen Research forecasts the availability of 400 electric vehicle models by 2025.  The EV industry is growing in response to automobile vendors responding to market demand for vehicles that do not hurt the environment.

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Companies Profiled

Market Leaders

•    Raytheon
•    IPG Photonics
•    Bosch
•    GE / Senseair
•    Sick AG
•    Sofradir
•    II-VI / Finisar
•    United Technologies / Kidde
•    Spectris / Omega
•    FLIR
•    Lockheed Martin
•    MKS / Newport
•    BAE
•    Lumentum
•    Leonardo / Daylight Solutions
•    Newell Brands / First Alert
•    Fortive
•    Emerson Electric
•    Micro-Epsilon
•    Hamamatsu
•    Johnson Controls
•    Block Engineering
•    Fluke IR Camera

Key Topics

•    Mid IR Sensor
•    Internet of Things
•    Sense temperature
•    Sense distance
•    Sense presence
•    Sense motion
•    Sense texture
•    Wavelength Tunability
•    High Optical Power
•    Mid Infrared (IR) Sensors
•    Electro-magnetic spectrum
•    QC laser technology
•    Spectrometer hardware
•    Wireless Sensor Network
•    Wireless Nodes
•    Homeland security
•    Military communications
•    Infrared countermeasures
•    Chemical warfare agent detection
•    Explosives detection
•    Medical diagnostics
•    Industrial process controls
•    Remote gas leak detection
•    Pollution monitoring
•    Real-time combustion controls
•    Mid IR sensor
•    Microcontroller
•    Energy Harvesting
•    Vibration-Based Wireless Energy
•    Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters
•    Thermoelectrics
•    Generating Power From Heat
•    Smart Computing
•    Wireless Sensor Networks
•    Smart Cities
•    Smart Buildings
•    Military Remote Energy Applications
•    Off-Grid Special Sensors
•    Pipeline Monitoring
•    Navigational aids
•    Thermoelectric cooling
•    Automotive Sensors
•    Sensor Lighting
•    Manganese dioxide
•    Nanoparticles, Nanotechnology Graphene
•    Self-assembly, Nanostructured Thin Films
•    Microgenerator Sensors
•    Vibration Sensors
•    Piezoelectricity
•    Solid State Technology
•    Microgenerator
•    Power Source Of Sensor
•    Sensor node

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