A Big Innovation of Next Bank in Digital Currency Management

Digital assets management instrument gets increasingly significant with professionalization and scale development of digital currency investment. Next Bank has a long-term layout in digital currency management. By considering that it is not brilliant to only strive for existing stock users of digital currency, founders of Next Bank popularize block chain financial service among the public and keep developing relevant supporting and facilities in the whole industry. External incremental users will step into the industry continuously through entrance of Next Bank’s block chain financial service, to boost blowout development of the industry.

Digital assets will become the choice of multiple key individual assets in the near future in wealth management field. Just as current bank wealth management mode does, users manage their digital assets by entrusting a professional encryption financial service provider. With a strong focus on building a digital currency management service platform, Next Bank enlarges assets management capacity and improves infrastructures of digital currency management constantly. Besides financial products oriented to C-end users, Next Bank launches financial products having industry competitiveness for B-end users. In light of the current key appeal of many B-end users for large fund trusteeship, Next Bank provides a set of enterprise-class digital assets management solutions that serve institution, exchange, developer and single business wallet service provider, so as to meet demand of large fund trusteeship. Next Bank provides trusteeship service for various mainstream public chain digital assets based on its strong technical team and quantitative assets management team.

With the main functions of large fund trusteeship and C-end user microfinance service, Next Bank’s financial products provide fund safety storage service and assets appreciation management service respectively for users. Compared with other similar products, Next Bank’s financial products have advantages below: Data openness and transparency, assets immediate access and underlying instrument extension. With optimized access procedure, detailed API document and customized technical support service, Next Bank’s underlying block chain service protocol provides standard API interface for B-end users, to invoke such functions as wallet invoking and creation, digital assets deposit and withdrawal, quantitative interest arbitrage, data inquiry and block chain push.

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