Sole Stacks Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Introduce Dynamic Shoe Organizer

Uniquely Designed Product Provides Functional Solution to Sneaker Display

Sole Stacks are unique display systems for customers wanting to flaunt their sneaker collection with flair. Gone are the days of hanging shoes at an incline with unattractive shoe hangers on the back door of your closet. These ergonomic racks, Sole Stacks, which come in freestanding or wall mount options, allow ‘sneakerheads’ to display their shoes on an ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing rack. Born out of a love for footwear and based on architectural principles, Sole Stacks were created to marry space-saving technology with high style.

Sole Stacks come in 3 options: the 6 stack, the 10 stack, and the 4 Stack Wall Mount. Both 6 stack and 10 stack options can be used as a free-standing shoe rack on the floor, while the 4 Stack is an option for consumers with limited floor space by providing a wall mount option. All the premium products from Sole Stacks accommodate sneakers up to Men’s US size 14. The stacks can be easily assembled in under 15 minutes. Sole Stacks are made of a variety of durable materials and are crafted to withstand many years of use with minimal care.

Consumers who spend hundreds of dollars on great shoes don’t just view them as a means to cover their feet, they view them as art. Soles Stacks provide ‘sneakerheads’ with a way to admire their shoes and appreciate their value. Sole Stacks allow customers to enjoy their prized sneaker collections not only when hitting the streets, but also inside their home as well. They are a space-saving solution attractive enough to double as an art collection.

Sole Stacks is the brainchild of Demont Campbell, a trained architectural designer. “I found myself at one of the top Architecture firms in the nation, yet I wanted to take my passion for design and combine it with my love for footwear,” says Campbell.

As an entrepreneur from the age of 16, Campbell learned quickly that it is the customer experience that was crucial to the business process. The pillars of his first company – honesty, trustworthiness and marketable product, live on today with Sole Stacks. Campbell created Sole Stacks to be customer-centric. After Sole Stacks began to increase traction, Campbell noticed a trend in consumers getting to the point of purchase but not executing. The pain point seemed to be shipping. That is when Campbell noticed an opportunity to lower costs without sacrificing quality. “I couldn’t do much about the cost of shipping, but I could control the cost of my product. That’s what led me into investigating becoming the manufacturer,” states Campbell.

With the current manufacturer having long lead times, Sole Stacks owners wanted to get the product in the hands of consumers faster and less expensively. In today’s immediate gratification society, long lead times discourage sales and the team at Sole Stacks wanted to make a change to better service clients.

“Last year we processed over 200 orders including customers internationally, but we are ready to grow and are taking a look at a more efficient business model,” continues Campbell. “People want their items as soon as they click to purchase. So I did some digging, and researched what it would take to manufacture Sole Stacks myself.”

The Indiegogo campaign will fund the manufacturing space for design and production on a mass scale. Having proper equipment and shipping facility under one roof will facilitate shorter lead-time and less expensive shipping rates. All of these changes will aid in getting Sole Stacks in the hands of satisfied customers.

Sole Stacks is now live on Indiegogo. Visit the campaign for more information or to order your own Sole Stacks:

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