Disturbing Number Of Road Crashes Leading to Increase in Use Of Helmets Globally

Disturbing Number Of Road Crashes Leading to Increase in Use Of Helmets Globally
Around 1.2 million accidental road crashes rate has alarmed the government to accentuate on the use of helmets for personal safety to avoid auto injury death percentages happening each year. (WHO) further gives statements over the usage of helmets.

New York, US – May 22, 2019 – According to statistics of road crash incidents, more than 1.2 million people die and rest if survived either end up being injured or disabled. Not every nation is a developed one and many low-income or middle-income countries have the majority population of people riding bikes, more than 50% of which end up in some sort of accidents at some point of their lives.

The rate of head injuries is high amongst those auto injuries and at times the deaths are preventable if correct safety measures are adopted. Wearing the helmet is the most effective way of reducing head injury fatalities. More about the importance of helmets and which ones are best can be looked up at http://justhelmet.com/motorcycle-helmet-heads-up-display/ or you can look here: http://justhelmet.com/carbon-fiber-hard-hats/

The data collected by the road traffic supervisors and World Health Organization (WHO) relatively provided evidence that it is important to enforce the helmets as mandatory road safety gear for an effectual intervention of reducing the head injuries and casualties. The increased death rates that are aftermath of road injuries mostly involving motorcycled have given the rise to such notions.

World Health Organization (WHO) along with the UN collaborated and came up with the global road safety partnership with the foundation for automobile and society (FIA), their main aim was to implement the importance of safety road gears and minimize the fatality rates ending up in deaths.

The count according to statistics has depicted that more than 67 million people are generally registered each year solely taking into account the Asian countries, for instance, China. And around a quarter rate of which end up in road traffic deaths that mainly revolved around the motorcyclists and the riders. This increasing number has thus emphasized the importance of wearing helmets while riding motorcycles.

The acting general director of (WHO), Dr. Anders Nordstom says emphasizing on the helmet usage, “We wish to make the usage of  helmets a high priority for all the national public health systems” he further adds on “not only we need to stress on the effectiveness of helmets in saving lives but they are also a good value for money.”

With such programs, many countries have succeeded in raising awareness and rate of people using helmets through the laws that make the helmets use an obligatory. Following up with the benefits of helmets usage the rates of fatalities that increased annually is seen to drop down.

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