Clermont-Tonnerre Doubles Down to Develop A Paradise in Canada

This European investor is facing huge losses on his real estate investments in Canada, and he took the extraordinary step of spending his way out of the dilemma.

British Columbia, Canada – May 22nd, 2019 – In 2010 when this European investor is facing a financial meltdown on his property investment, he was left with just two options. First, cut the losses and take a considerable financial hit and second, double down on his investment and attempt to spend his way out of the dilemma.

For him, scion of magnificent and grand ancestors in France, the last option was the best. Clermont-Tonnerre knew that with the appropriate combination of financial support, dedication from his different associates and lots of efforts and hard work they can change their financial chaos for good.

After seven years, and he is sitting on a flourishing investment, and it has silenced a few of his associates who were certain he was throwing good money after bad.

This Europe based financier or investor has fallen in love with British Columbia, wherein the real estate plans are based. According to him, he has been to different parts of the world. However, British Columbia is what captured his heart and attention. This is the most awe-inspiring country he visited so far.

Clermont-Tonnerre along with his financier had initially put investment into the Canadian market through some pooled venture funds which expert in real estate loans or mortgages. At first, the whole thing is running smoothly until the after-effects of the global financial crisis in 2008 started to bite.

Sad to say, a lot of loans which his group of financier had backed turn out to be harmful or toxic. Due to this event, Clermont Tonnerre is forced to triage the mortgage book. This means selling what he can and at the same time rebuild parts of their holdings.

One group of loans covered an improvement which looked specifically troubled. It seemed that the financiers would require to sell the property covered by the loans so they can get back some of their resources, even if perhaps less than 20 percent of the initial investment.  It was the time when he recommended that instead of taking the “haircut” that is what many investors would have performed, his investors must inject more funds and at the same time develop the land. When the plan succeeds, then they can sell the property at a higher value in the coming years.

Storm Mountain Development Corporation a new entity was made in 2012 from this new funding. The business is owned and operated by its management team. The financiers were assured 12 percent annual interest on the new money they invest and would recover further on the initial investment when development worked. It was a brave move and one which is paying off as of now.

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