The “Asia Blockchain Awards Ceremony” – Five Major Awards Registration Channel Officially Opened

The industry had experienced a roller coaster ride over the past year in 2018. We have witnessed the rise of a new generation of digital transformation, on the other hand there were enormous blockchain companies that were created and then vanished without notice. However, as the bubble of cryptocurrencies bursts, the general public and institutional players could finally objectively recognize what blockchain really is. As the industry evolves into a more regulated and supervised manner, practitioners are beginning to explore more actively on the development of blockchains in various industries. Blockchain media companies are constantly exploring new industry startups and speaking out for them. Investment institutions are unceasingly discovering and incubating high-quality projects. Cryptocurrency Exchanges are continuously improving and optimizing their platform mechanisms, and one after another excellent cutting-edge technology and digital asset management projects are emergingly being created. World’s leading companies, industry giants and global regulators are entering the blockchain world in 2019, mass adoption might happen sooner than we have expected.

World Blockchain Forum Singapore is scheduled to be held on 22nd – 23rd June 2019 at Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore. World Blockchain Award Asia will be held concurringly at Marina Bay Sands, the award ceremony will reveal the final winners of Top 10 Technical Projects, Top 10 Investment Institutions, Top 10 Asset Management Projects, Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Top 10 Innovative Media. WBF will be adhering to the principals of being fair, just, transparent and open during the election process, where the features and ability of all nominees and applicants will be reviewed strictly according to their performance on regulatory aspects, innovations, feasibility and creditability. May the best wins. The 5 awards were originated based on one important reason: to encourage and recognize the pioneers of the blockchain industry in Asia. WBF aims to help the public to identify key contributors and leaders of the industry, commending the industry’s role model, establishing industry benchmarks, and create the most neutral list in the blockchain industry. 

We hereby invite the pioneers and practitioners of the blockchain industry to sign up for the following five awards:

Top 10 Technical Projects

Selection Criteria:

The projects should exemplify excellence in technical development

The projects should feature innovative technical implementations in function, performance, decentralization, security (such as infrastructure, consensus algorithm, signature algorithm), and has obtained relevant patent/copyright

The technological development team should not be less than 15 people 

Top 10 Investment Institutions

Selection Criteria:

The asset management scale should be above 2000BTC

Invested more than 10 blockchain projects, has early investment cases of well-known projects

Holds various stocks/token investment experience in public chain, digital wallet, cryptocurrency exchange, mining pools/facilities and others within the blockchain industry 

Top 10 Asset Management Projects

Selection Criteria:

Qualified applicants include digital wallet, digital asset bank, digital payment, quantitative trading firms and other digital asset management projects

Risk Control Measures must be accurately and regularly practiced

Advanced technical support must be in place

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Selection Criteria:

The exchanges should be ranked top 20 in Asia in terms of daily trading volume (based on Blockchain Transparency Institute, Coinmarketcap, Crytocompare & other neutral market capitalization consultation platforms) 

The cryptocurrency exchange should maintain a good trading platform verification mechanism, capital storage matrix and regular code audit system

Emergency response plan must be secured and tested

Top 10 Innovative Media

Selection Criteria:

Published more than 100 original articles

10 Million or above accumulated reading volume

Must contain one of the following: App/WeChat official fans page/Official Website; these mentioned official accounts will be reviewed in multiple dimensions including number of downloads and comments, launching time, update frequency, iteration cycle etc. 

Registrations are now live and available for all 5 awards. The deadline of application is at 23:59 on 2nd of June, 2019 (+0HRS Singapore Time). Please click the link to apply to be a nominee for the corresponding awards. WBF sincerely invites you to witness the rise of a whole new era. In the name of technology, may the block be with you!

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