National Academy of Athletics (NAofA) launches an initial License offering (ILO) in tandem with new NBA and NFL partnerships.

Santa Rosa, California – The National Academy of Athletics (NAofA) is gearing up for the biggest summer in the company’s 7-year history. The company will be offering 440 week-long summer camp sessions in 88 cities in California and 6 in the Atlanta area. Growth like this comes with growing pains and one is capital. We want to share our camps, our programs and our returns with everyone, this is why we have launched an ILO. 

NAofA says a strong summer will help the company eclipse its total of 8,000 campers in 2018. “Although we offer sports programs throughout the year, Summer is a big time for us, and this year is shaping up to be the best ever,” said CEO Aaron Locks. “We are in 94 cities now and we have more than 140 cities asking us to bring our programs to their communities. We attribute our growth to our TALK. TEACH. PLAY.® method and to our NAofA team. TALK. TEACH. PLAY.® gives kids a chance to learn, work on their skills and then have fun using them. Our coaches are passionate, and our office staff work hard to provide a quality customer service experience to parents and our municipalities partners.”

The Initial License Offering allows all these families and more to share, not just in our camps and programs but also in our growth by participating in our ILO. 

The NAofA ILO is listed on the ILO Exchange for $200.00 per license. The company needs two things; capital for expansion and marketing, the ILO does both. When you buy the ILO you need to qualify it by telling everyone about it using your social media. Once you have qualified, you participate in a royalty pool.  The NAofA ILO is paying 10% of gross revenue and based on the projections, it has the potential to pay you $22.00 in its first year, making the ILO trade at $220.00 (10x the royalty) in the secondary market, should you wish to sell it on. As a result of this mass marketing more people find out about our camps and in turn this number will grow into more cities and more camps. In year two the projections show a $50.00 royalty and even more in year 3.

ILOers will be helping us grow by telling our story on their social media while we put the capital to good use and make more revenue and growth as we have consistently to this point. Our growth is incredible, with a team effort it can be even more. To buy our ILO  or find out more click

The National Academy of Athletics provides high caliber youth sports programs in California and Atlanta to boys and girls, ages 4 – 13. It offers year-round sports camps, clinics and complete league management by partnering with city recreation departments, youth sports leagues and organizations, public and private schools and professional sports franchises.

Adding to its high-quality offerings, the NAofA has recently partnered with the NBA and the NFL. In September 2018 the company partnered with JR NBA, the official youth basketball participation program of the NBAIn November 2018 the company partnered with NFL FLAG, the largest flag football program in the nation. Adding the NBA and NFL to our programming gives us greater brand recognition in new markets,” Locks said.

With municipalities facing even more budget cuts and staffing shortages the partnership has proven to be a win, win, win for the cities, community members and the NAofA. “We expanded in to San Diego in 2018 as the preferred vendor for 57 recreational centers, and just became an approved vendor for the city of San Jose. We will begin programing in San Jose this Fall.”

About the National Academy of Athletics

Headquartered in Santa Rosa, California, the National Academy of Athletics provides high caliber youth sports & athletic programs and services to children, coaches and parents. More than 175,000 children across Northern California have participated in the company’s sports camps. Camps are offered in partnership with city recreation departments, youth sports leagues and organizations, public and private schools and professional sports franchises. NAofA’s proprietary teaching method called TALK-TEACH-PLAY® makes sure players have a chance to learn, practice and use the skills they’re taught.

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