Redink Tattoo Studio Opens Doors to an Urban Chic Artistic Experience

Redink Tattoo Studio Opens Doors to an Urban Chic Artistic Experience

The tattoo is a pure expression of the self. The symbols aren’t just lines and marks on the skin, but an artistic way to tell the world about core identity. That makes it all the more important to get the job done at a place where #creative is perfected every day, and to be inked is an honor. The Redink Tattoo Studio is one such place.

Located at Manhattan, Redink Tattoo Studio is a new kid on the block, opening its doors to the world in early 2019. That also makes it a vibrant and youthful place, with tattoo artists who consider #artwork their sole passion. The Studio is co-founded by Red and Serge, who happened to come from diverse backgrounds – hospitality, real estate, sales, fitness and corporations – but shared a common passion: to ink the skin with vibrant, soulful art.

The Studio itself has been designed to inspire the #artsy in the artist and make clients relax in a soothing, urban chic ambience. The two rooms have two very unique styles and ambience. The tattooing area is lit with a French window and gives a view of the street, and the extra high ceilings and exposed brick surfaces make for a magical atmosphere. Here, new ideas can be taken for granted, with ample amounts of doodling, sketching and drawing to ensure a perfect outcome.  

Redink is about getting tattooed in a minimalist, urban chic studio with maximum art. Our artists know how to put greatness into the simplest lines and curves. We are about ink and expressions, and welcome everyone to feel the difference,” said Serge Volnick of Redink Tattoo Studio.

The latest tattoo art from Redink can be followed on Facebook and Instagram.

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