Crimes Committed Against Properties Increased by 8.5% from 74,221 in 2016 to 80,525 in 2017 – Rising Year After Year

According to the 2017 Annual Statistical Report released by the Toronto Police Service, crimes committed against properties increased by 8.5% from 74,221 in 2016 to 80,525 in 2017. That’s a total of 6,304 MORE offences happening in a short year. Unfortunately, crimes committed against properties, such as burglaries, theft or vandalism, are rising year after year. If you’re not taking the right steps to protect your home or business in the GTA, it’s time to start before it’s too late. Over the past few years, security systems have evolved significantly – becoming smarter and more advanced.

They’re no longer big, clunky pieces of equipment that tend to lag. In fact, what’s known as a smart security system nowadays is one of the best ways to ensure your home or business is monitored around the clock. Whether you’re in the building or away for the day, you can trust that a smart security system will keep you safe in the event of an invasion or emergency, such as a fire or flood.

Where Can You Find a Smart Security System in Toronto, ON?

Security Smart Systems, located in Toronto, ON, provides a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art security system products designed to keep your residential or commercial property safe against all sorts of threats. They leverage the most innovative military technology on the market – repurposing it to create effective solutions that give residential or commercial property owners peace of mind knowing they’re protected. Their solutions include security cameras, CCTV systems, security alarm systems, access control, and much more.

What About More Advanced Protection?

For those who need a higher level of security above and beyond your traditional solutions, they offer customized security fence solutions wherein they’ll secure your property with a customized security fence solution that is durable, uncuttable, impenetrable, and resistant to vehicle attacks. For temporary worksites, such as those in the oil and gas or construction industry, it doesn’t always make sense to deploy a permanent security system. That’s why Security Smart Systems provides SensoGuard’s unique line of portable tactical kits.

Essentially, portable tactical kits offer advanced protection against intruders as vibrations in the ground caused by people, vehicles, and various other factors are converted into measurable electronic signals. It’s a highly proven tactic that’s been used extensively in the military, as well as throughout law enforcement. The portable tactical kits are invisible and easily deployable – making them perfect for temporary worksites.

Security Smart Systems also offers radar security protection wherein short, medium, and long-range radar is used to ensure high-levels of security for various operations, such as power plants, data centers, substations, parking lots, solar farms, airports, and much more. While CCTV systems and other traditional solutions are highly effective, radar systems are necessary in situations where targets need to be tracked as soon as they’re detected, regardless of the weather or lighting conditions.

Those who require a radar system can rest assured knowing they’re simple to install, yet incredibly powerful without consuming too much power. They have a built-in tracker, which enables them to be installed via solar, battery or wireless.

About Security Smart Systems

Security Smart Systems, located in Toronto, ON, leverages advanced technologies to provide security solutions to the private market. Their team is comprised of experts who have worked in the field since the 2000’s, many of which led delicate security-related projects around the world. Their solutions include security cameras, CCTV systems, security alarm systems, access control, and much more.

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