The Average Canadian Household Spends Over $1,100 a Year on Processed and Fresh Meat

Studies show the average household in Canada spends over $1,100 a year on processed and fresh meat.[1] Despite the food guide recently getting its first major update since 2007 with changes recommending less red meat and fewer saturated fats[2], residents throughout the country don’t seem to be eating any less processed and fresh meat. And for good reason. A plant-based diet isn’t always sufficient to meet all of your daily nutritional needs. Although meat consumption is commonly blamed for high cholesterol, blood pressure, and obesity, more often than not, sugar is the culprit. In fact, meat contains many nutrients that are vital to our overall health – from amino acids to protein to vitamins.

At the end of the day, it’s great to drink more water and eat more vegetables as recommended in the updated food guide, but don’t write off meat altogether. Instead, focus on purchasing quality meat from a trusted source. This way, you know you’re getting the quality you desire without any harmful additives or fillers. You’ve likely heard all sorts of gossip about grocery store meat being raised on factory farms – filled with antibiotics, hormones, and other drugs. If you’re looking to make a change, a meat wholesaler is likely the best solution for you.

Where Can You Find a Meat Wholesaler in Toronto, ON?

When you’re looking for a meat wholesaler, look for a company that applies and follows rigorous industry standards in terms of food safety compliance. This is incredibly important as food safety should be of the utmost importance. After all, food safety is a scientific discipline that ensures the handling, preparation, and storing of food is done in a manner that prevents dangerous food-borne illness. Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory, located in Toronto, ON, serves distributors, retailers, and consumers throughout Ontario. They pride themselves in their ability to apply and follow rigorous industry standards in terms of food safety compliance. In fact, they claim that food safety comes first and foremost in everything they do.

As a meat wholesaler, they’re dedicated to producing the highest possible quality products, including hot dogs, sausages, burgers, steaks, and much more. This dedication has enabled them to grow as a company – introducing independent food-stands, cash & carry stores, wholesalers, and catering operations throughout the province. Their extensive range of products encompasses all sorts of flavors. A quick look at their sausage range shows 8 different types, including but not limited to bacon and cheddar, honey garlic, jerk chicken, jalapeno, and more. If you’re looking for quality, flavorful meats, you can’t go wrong!

What Makes Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory Unique?

Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory has consistently kept up with the needs of the food industry – adapting to meet them as they evolve. Although they keep up with ever-evolving standards, they remain dedicated to ensuring the highest degree of customer satisfaction. They also understand that most people are taking notice of food labels nowadays. This is why you’ll find food labels from their products on their website, so you can know exactly what the ingredients and nutrition facts are for every purchase you make.

About Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory

Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory was established in 1927 to provide high quality meat products, including deli cold colds, sausages, roast beef, wieners, and much more. In 1996, Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory switched its focus towards the food service industry – maintaining their original recipes and cooking methodology to keep a consistent product while growing within the industry as a whole.



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