5 Tips on how to grow Followers & Business through social media

5 Tips on how to grow Followers & Business through social media

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – The Media Doctorz, a boutique PR firm specializing in small business brand management; work with high-end clientele such as luxury hair brand; House of Bella Hair, Abena’K Life and Lesson series, JR&RW Logistics as well as Chicago Businessman DeAndre Rucker of Rucker Holding and Mikko Beauty Bar. Owners Nakita Nicci and Que Johnson with over 25 years combined media experience are experts in securing meaningful networking connections for clients.

“I love people, my entire background has been customer service and communications; I genuinely love helping people!” said, Co-Owner Que Johnson who is also the COO of Know1 Radio. “We opened The Media Doctorz because we want to provide small business owners with resources that will allow their brand to grow into six figure and seven figure empires. We believe we can increase a clients brand in six months or less!” said Co-Owner Nakita Nicci who is also best known as the breakout star of Bravo Television series; To Rome for Love and BIBO Weekly Talk Show.

The Media Doctorz are currently offering FREE 30 minute consultation until June 1st 2019 at their lavish Bronzeville location.


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The Media Doctorz is giving readers 5 tips to grow your business through social media.


Content is KEY!! The better your content is the better chance of gaining quality followers/fans. Try posting High Quality pictures or videos for best results. Captions: What message are you trying to send? Use the caption to add to the picture, to promote or to engage with your audience. Keep it short and sweet! Don’t forget to spellcheck!


Who is your target audience? Who are you trying to reach and what do you think they want to see? Is it Clips, Videos, Stories, Tips, Facts, etc.? Use the most effective way to reach them based on their likes! We all know companies that underestimate the value of social media and miss out on a chance of building followers. Why build a list of 50k followers? You can turn them into paying customers, drive them to your blog or website, ask them valuable questions to help your business (i.e.: which item from this new collection do you love the most?) and much more!


Use emojis!!! People understand visual things better and it attracts the eye. It’s also more relatable and creates a feeling of friendliness!


Another way to promote your page is by running social media ads on your posts. Establish a budget. Try promoting each post and comparing which type of content does best. Once you see which one works best, aim to boost the same content in the future. Make sure to give VALUE to your customers. Give them good tips or make them feel better. But make sure it helps them in any way!


The profile image must match the business and/or attract attention! Use a headshot if it’s for a person’s page (singer, actor, etc.), a logo if it’s a company, or an image related to your account (i.e.: fit body if it’s a fitness page). Repetition is key! You can’t expect to do something once and see growing results from that single action. You must repeat the action multiple times to achieve growth.

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